Sunday, October 21, 2007

Trick or Treat is Next Weekend!

My Favorite Halloween candy Dish! I have started collecting them it seems, because now I have one with a talking light-up crow and one with a severed head on a platter that growls...this one doesn't have any of those tricks~I just love the dangling pumpkins and the vibrant colors!!

After much debate, I finally painted my shelf "buttermilk biscuit" cream. I just love the way it makes my favorite collections pop! Before it was a primitive dark yellow...I am happy with the change!

These guys were an early 5 year Wedding Anniversary gift from my husband, I Absolutely love them!!

I can't believe how busy it has been around here, getting ready for all these craft shows and of course, Halloween! Also, this Friday is our 5th wedding Anniversary! And I have been busy making surprises happen for Matthew!
As if that weren't enough, we have decided to update our craft booth display for these upcoming shows and so last weekend my mom and I went down to the flea market and scoured each booth for some new nifty display pieces. We ended up getting this AMAZING blue table. It is that aqua~ish blue and the paint is kinda chipped~ so great! And a steal for only $35! Also, I joined a new group on flickr called "Arts and Crafts Fairs and Shows" and it has been really helpful! It gave me some great inspiration!!!! I will make sure to take pictures to show you our updated display!!!
Yesterday I spent the entire day crafting! It was so much fun! I made so many little things...birds mostly! I found these cute little birds at Michaels and could see them all glittered and crowned! I had to take them home! Also I have made a bunch of Christmas stuff..tags, ornaments, will be posted soon...also I plan on adding some of my newest creations on etsy!
I seem to be a bit Holiday- Schizophrenic these days..I love Halloween, see Halloween everywhere..but the theme from the Charlie Brown Christmas is quietly repeating in my head!I just love that sad little song! I am really looking forward to the holidays this year...I am looking forward to a Pink Christmas and snow...dare I admit it????

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Summie said...

I love the candy dish with the dangling pumpkins! Does it have a brand name? I'd love to find one like it!