Friday, February 29, 2008

Pretty Little Things

I saw this little bluebird one cold snowy night while visiting some of my favorite blogs and I just had to grab him up~ he is all of my favorite things: light blue, wearing a party hat, and glittery! He is all handmade by Jenny over at Polka Dot Pixie! She is so talented, go over and see some of her Spring Bunnies!

This beautiful collage I just fell in LOVE with while looking at Karla's blog, The Faerie Window, a couple weeks ago. She had a photo of this romantic collage on her blog and I wrote to her and she agreed to make one for me, but after a few craft store misses, she was so sweet to send me the original~ thank you Karla! I will cherish it forever!!!

I am anxiously awaiting~ well maybe nagging a bit too~ my husband to paint our dining room and family room. We are waiting for Spring so that we can open the windows and have better lighting. So in the meantime I am using my time wisely by purchasing new lovely things for the walls! I was so taken with these charming prints from Dollface Designs on etsy. I just had to order them! They arrived with the cutest little labels and stickers~ It was a joy to get in the mail! Check out DollFace Designs here!

Last but not least, I found this cute little apothecary jar for $1 at the thrift store! I thought it had so many uses~ the first being~ holding yummy robin's egg candies for Easter!

I have been so busy lately on the weekends and haven't had a lot of time to craft, so I have been getting out all of my creative energy by shopping for special treasures online~ sometimes a new little pretty somethin' somethin' just sparks new thoughts and inspires me in my creations...and it is so fun!
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Little Help from my Friends...

Chester Sunbathing by the front door

Stanley laying on the printer while I upload some pictures to etsy.

Made these cute little shabby chic bunny boxes on Sunday
and some wands too.

This weekend went so fast, but I am feeling alot better! On Saturday the SUN actually came out for a few hours and we opened up the house a little bit~ even though it was still freezing!!! The cats LOVED it! I was on the computer when my big cat Stanley decided that he could fit on top of my printer. He almost fell like 20 times, but still thought it was a good idea. Then the cutest ever~ our orange cat Chester decided to take a belly-up sun bath by the front door. He is the only cat we have ever had that will actually sleep on his back~ spread eagle~ it is AWESOME and so adorable!!!! Sunday I made some crafts and some chicken noodle soup- with the few hours of sun on Saturday and the smiles the cats bring to my face~ I am on the mend.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Under the Weather

A new little chick box for my etsy shop!

The cutest little bunny-in-an-egg I have ever seen!

I just love this one too!

I picked him up at Hobby Lobby late last week.
He kind of reminds me of a Beatrix Potter bunny.

I feel just awful today~ I have gotten a cold overnight. I did manage to organize some crafty photos from over the weekend and got a tiny secondwind this afternoon after watching my second DVR'd Masterpiece Theatre ~ Jane Austen film(I LOVE these). In my bout of Spring Craftiness I made a little gift for my Spring Nest Swap partner~ to be revelaed at a later date! Craft On! Enjoy the Spring-like photos...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like...SPRING!

My creation
Originally uploaded by SleepyHollowCrafts
I have been checking out some of my favorite flickr haunts tonight and I am so giddy...everything is looking so Spring-like! So many beautiful inspirations from so many talented artisits!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Best Chocolate Cake Ever

This cake was soooo good! I just took a devils food cake mix-bundted it up and then made a to-die-for chocolate ganache..and as if that wasn't rich enough, I toasted chopped pecans in butter and drizzled them over the top! came out looking so AMAZING I just had to take a picture and share it with all of you!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Vintage Easter Finds and SUNSHINE

What a beautiful Saturday! Cold and windy~ but the sun is shining! I felt like I couldn't waste it, so we hopped in the van for a ride! Even though our windows were up, the sunshine was coming in and warming us up~ if the trees weren't so bare it almost looked like summer(I was trying hard to convince myself of this).
We took a drive over to one of my favorite neighborhoods~ I think a lot of women have these~ the neighborhood with the neat old houses and all the people do super-cute things to their houses for the holidays~ well, that is this neighborhood- and it has more than a few streets that are old brick-love it! I adore taking drives thru there, eating an icecream cone and oohing and ahhing at the fun holiday decor and front yard vignettes going like 5 mph.
Well, we were driving along and happened upon our county fairgrounds~ which is on the other side of "my favorite neighborhood" where they just happened to be having an antique show this weekend! Of course I pulled right in!!! This was like a finding a buried treasure!!! I got so many fun Easter finds- and it wasn't that expensive~ we only had $12 between the two of us~ we are debit card people- anyhow- I am SOOO Anticipating Spring with Open Arms and this was such a treat~ sunshine, pretty houses, and fun vintage Easter finds!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Valentine's Day and Easter Crafts

2 Spring chick Boxes for my etsy shop that I made this weekend!

I just adore these pictures, the hydrangea on the left, I picked up at one of my favorite local stores 55 west(their blog is listed under my Favorite PLaces) and the silohouette I picked up at a local antique mall- I am loving these silohouette pictures right now!!!

This is one of my mom's NEW felted purses, now available on my etsy shop!
I can't believe how talented and PATIENT she is to knit these by hand! I tried to knit a scarf once and I couldn't stand how long it took to get the final result! These purses are like 2 to 3 times this size beofre she felts them~ AMAZING!

SO many beautiful and inspirational photos~ I had my whole house redecorated by the time I finished my first issue!

This is the Valentine's Day box I made "for the love of supplies" swap.
The swap was hosted by artsymama.
I tried to capture a vintage Valentine's Day feel since my partner~ like me~ loves all things vintage and cute!

The inside was filled with goodies for making Valentine's Day crafts!

This is the BUNCH of stuff that Michelle sent me, she was an AMAZING swap partner!!! She really spoiled me!!! So many NEAT vintage pieces! I was in awe of how much great stuff she sent to me~ what a sweetheart! I really ADORE doing swaps, they really get my mind going with NEW craft ideas. Right now I am searching for a Easter swap...if you hear of any~ leave me a comment with info!

New Easter and Spring themed wands for my etsy shop! I just LOVe these old images of ducks and bunnies! I got some really pretty pale pink tinsel ribbon at my local craft store~ I tried experimenting with it on the bunny wand~ The possibilies are endless~!