Monday, October 29, 2007


The whole gang!

The "Ghost" Cake

And their off...

When my niece and nephews got back from their round of trick or treating, kids were still coming to our house for candy...and each time a batch of trick or treaters approached, the kids ran to the door to watch them grab from the candy bowl..too cute!!!

It is getting so cold here! I can't believe it reached freezing here last night! Matthew was out early this morning scraping frosty icy car windows!!! Isn't that always the way it day your in a cute hoodie and the next your wrapped up in a winter coat. Anyhow, our trick or treat party turned out great yesterday, the kids really enjoyed themselves! Sometimes I forget that Halloween is about the kids because I love it so much too! And I heard from Sandy, the owner of the Halvorson's Holiday Craft Show in Rocky River and seems that we did pretty good! Now, my head is spinning because the rush is on to get ready for our Carrollton HS show this weekend, I am so excited!!!! I get to see my old friends and I always find AMAZING treasures there too! I hope that it all turns out well..Here's to another Fun Crafty Week!!!

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