Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Halloween Tree

Last year when I got this white feather tree I was so excited to see it decorated for Halloween, and I finally did it! I even went and got the Wendy Addison parlour alphabet letter set to spell out "Boo" for a garland. I am so excited about the way it turned out. Also in my dining room is my favorite green cabinet, I dug out some amazing finds from last year and got to display them there. Last year on the worst vacation ever to Ocean City, Maryland(love OC, hated the va-K), we went to a Christmas Shop that has a huge Halloween room(Christmas Shop's usually have a Halloween room, but this one was out-standing!) and there I found these treasures. I just love the two nodders, each has their own crepe paper collar, and of course, this Nicole Sayre witch is like freek-out AMAZing great. I just love her, so beautiful! Then while out junking last week I had to stop at JoAnn's and pick up some ribbon, but when I headed to the register to wait in the gigantic line I saw the most amazing thing ever!!!! they had glitter letters, like rip-offs of the Wendy Addison glass glitter letters(which I hear are retired) so i was like a woman-possessed. I enlisted several other bored-waiting-in-line customers to help me find the letter to spell out every word i ever wanted to see in sparkly silver glitter, which is like every word for me! So I had to get Halloween, and I used some vintage orange ribbon to string it together and hang in front of my dining room window, so cute! Enjoy the pics!

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