Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cleveland Bazarre Bizarre 2010

This was the very BEST craft show ever!!!
I can't wait to participate again next year!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

OddMall and Bazarr Bizarre Craftyness

Kitschy Crafty Houses
I have been a busy, busy girl getting ready to be a vendor at Bazarr Bizarre this December in Cleveland. I am so, so excited!!!!
I have been working on several projects and I felt a little overwhelmed in the beginning-hearing that over 3000 people attended the 2009 show!
How am I ever going to make enough inventory???
I started off by writing ALL my ideas down in a notebook and gathering TONS of supplies.
When it finally came time to fire up my glue gun and get down to business I found myself going back to my crafty comfort zone= paper crafting.
So I spent a morning making some kitschy little houses... And then after feeling a little more confident I moved onto some new things...
Felt Flower Elastic Headbands
These are just some of the crafty goodies I have been working on for the show.
I have been working so hard~almost daily!
So this Saturday I heard of this AMAZING craft fair that was going on
in Hudson, Ohio called OddMall.
We piled in the car early Saturday morning and made the drive-in snow!!!!!
But I live in Northeast Ohio so I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that :)
Odd Mall was so great. It filled me with INSPIRATION and I couldn't wait to get home and get my craft on!
I wanted to share some of my FABULOUS OddMall purchases...
Bluff'n with my Muff'n!

Muff fabulousness...I have been wanting a muff so hard.
And when I stopped by the Fartsy Artsy booth, I fell in love with this muff!
Casey- who has a WONDERFUL etsy shop, was so cute and sweet- I just had to make it mine :)
You can check out her store here:

Other finds I just couldn't live without...
Vintage Steampunk owl hair clip by Barker's Herbs & Heirlooms
Vintage Ruffle Necklace by Autumn's Antics
Smoking Hot Fairy Ornament by Very Merry Fairies

I hear that OddMall is also in the Spring...I can't wait to attend!!!
Also, Come and visit me at Bazaar Bizarre in Cleveland :)
There are actually 2 shows, a West side and an East side show.
I will be vending at the WEST side show, the larger of the 2.
1301 W. 78th Street
Cleveland, Oh 44102
Saturday Dec. 11, 2010 noon-9 pm
Sunday Dec. 12, 2010 noon- 6pm
Craft On!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


tiny dancer oh deer headband fascinator by pretty good things

These shoes at John Fluevog

bow trim placket dress at Miss Selfridge

Rasputina's newest release, Sister Kinderhook

Ray Caesar in this...

dame darcy paper doll book
emma mount on etsy

Thursday, September 9, 2010

tHey'LL be MagicAL...sO FanTaSTIcaL...

"Deer Me, You've Got me Going in Circles"
Kitschy Vintage Cupcake Pick
I spent most of this weekend crafting..crafting hard.
I am really hoping to be a vendor at The Bazaar Bizarre in Cleveland this December so I thought I would work on some prototypes..and seriously these little girls' have been pictured in my mind for I had to make them happen.

Deer "Dear...You're my Prize" Badges.
These deer prize badges were a "mistake" gone right.
I had a different vision entirely as I spent hours cutting out TONS of deers...but I just
love the way they came out.
After FINALLY going through the MASS of boxes of crafty elements that I have stacked in
my basement I stumbled upon this big bag of vintage velvet ribbon
I had bought in a thrift store long, long ago.
I decided they needed to come out of their dingy plastic bag..they look so much happier now being a part of these :)

Ladies in Waiting...

On Saturday I spent a chilly morning scouring the flea market
for cabinet cards and buttons...just as the skies opened up
and the rain drops started falling, I hit
the jackpot and found "my" booth ~ full of all my favorite things...
I helped the lady who was running the booth pack as much stuff away
in her truck as we could as the rain fell. She was very sweet and we chatted
during the showers huddled amongst all her treasures in the cab of her truck
...we went through literally PILES of cabinet cards.
We passed the time making up so many funny stories about the strangers in the photos~wondering...wondering...
when I told her of my plan to give them antlers and masks..
and make them something new and beautiful
she was so sweet and gave me quite the deal..and a big hug.
So when the sun started shining again- I had my "Ladies in Waiting"..and a new flea market friend :) I'd say it was a good day at the flea market.

A Great Crafty Discovery....Yo-Yo Makers!!!
I was over the moon when I found some easy Yo-Yo makers
at JoAnn's this summer. They run about $5-$8 per yo-yo template-
they are so easy to use and I am loving each little one!
I have so many ideas for these cute little yo-yo's..oh the
brooches and hair pins I will make :)
Cute as a Button
One of my favorite things to find while flea marketing is a GIANT jar of buttons...
because 9 times out of 10 after you bring it home and go through the contents
of these treasure find much, much more than
mere buttons. This time it was glass vile's of seed beads, arrow heads- and I think
a tooth lol lol. $5 turned into magic...and the old Ball Jar is pretty fantastical too!

And now on to the Fall Fashion Finds...
as an avid devour-er of all things BUST magazine has to offer...I have
been a fan of Sock Dreams forever...a long time advertiser in my favorite mag.
These leg warmers just look so WARM and adorable...
and as our weather here gets chilly I couldn't resist...
So these are the leg warmers I've decided upon...
Haven't purchased these yet..but they are as good as mine, I
mean a girl has to have goals, right?
...and these are the leg warmers that are on their way to me...
NE Ohio Lake Effect give me your best!
The rain, sleet, snow...
I'm ready for ya!

Happy Crafting...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Randoms Acts of Craftiness

Antler Girl Cabinet Cards

Lately I've been feeling so crafty...maybe it's that the days are becoming shorter

by a few minutes here and there or it's all the school supplies at the stores-

but come Fall I always get bitten by the crafty bug. hard.

So I thought I would share some random acts of craftiness that I've been working on...

Mix-n-Match Vintage Elements Pin

Circles and Sequins Delight Pin

I just had to share this FABULOUS find, it's so deer to me ;)
Hot pink kitchy-rific doe lamp.

Urban Outfitters clearance for $9.99!!!

And my love affair with deers continues..a little deer statue I picked up at the flea market- it was pouring down rain so I got it at the pack-up-quick price of only $3!!!

This a a print that was featured in Somerset Studio this month. I just fell in love with it so I had to play with it a bit and give her a home on my wall.

And last BUT not least- this AMAZING old library stand was headed for the trash bin at a local middle school! Can you believe it? I was teaching when I saw a boy lugging it out near the dumpsters and had to have one of the janitors help me retrieve it. The janitor looked a little put-off when I asked him to help with removing it- but that's the thing about being a crafty girl- sometimes we get those looks. When it comes to a great find like this I seriously could have cared less. So I brought it home and cleaned it up- and now look at it!!! I just love adding random little things to it and nearly everyone that comes in our home loves to give it a twirl! So neat-o!

So what craftiness have you been up to?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Antler Girl Hide-A-Way

My obsession with making myself some antlers started off like

most amazing craft ideas..with kind of a crafting itch in the back

of my mind.
I kept seeing all these beautiful ethereal pictures of Antler Girls and I just had to have some for me...BUT I couldn't quite figure out how to

make them amazing and functional.

So after MUCH research, crafting supplies, and just puttin'

some time in...I FINALLY figured it out....

It all began with some INSPIRATioN... was a very helpful resource. I found
so many girls there also struggling on their own
Antler making journey...that is where I read of all the techniques
my fellow Antler-obsessed girls had tried. If you are interested
in making yourself some antlers I highly suggest craftster..

and Voila!

See photo below ....a>

So get started making your own antlers and have fun!!

If you would like any information on how I made my antlers please feel free to comment here.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh Deer...I'm Obsessed...

This hobo tote was such a wonderful purchase from
retrofied on etsy.
This New Deer Valley material by Joel Dewberry
made my heart skip when I stumbled upon it.
And it's reversible!!!

This little girl- or as her creator/seller referred
to her as"Deery Loo" was an impulse buy on a late
Friday nite over on etsy.
At $1.50, the price was right for
and impulse purchase...also, I justified it
because she was also selling Ira Glass pins..perfect for
sweet NPR obsessed best friends.
Caitlin Kuhwald on etsy.
And as I admitted..I'm obsessed..antlers, deers-both plush and real.
It's a situation.
Oh Deer!


I won! brooch
Oh Deer! pins

Cuckoo Clock Necklace from Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland, Ohio

Vintage Button and Cupcake Pick Brooch

Pink Glittery Corner

"N" is for Nancy's

Pretty Things

Girls With Antlers

Little Birds.

More Pretty Things

Winter Morning

Bird Cages and Pink Ice Skates.

A Few of My Favorite Things.

My newest Favorite Thing.