Monday, May 26, 2008


How are you celebrating Memorial Day???
Usually my husband and I go to our local FAVE flea Market, Hartville Flea Market.
This weekend is their big KICK-OFF weekend and people line up to
get in starting like at 4 AM~ it's a zoo!! So much FUN!!!
But this year~ we are just staying at home and working on the house.

I freeked out with lucky-ness when I found this "Liberty and Her Stars" figure at
The Pine Cone Gift Shoppe, Hartville, Ohio.
I was doing some retail therapy after a LONG day at work.
The shop keeper didn't know much about her~ but from my zillion of hours looking at
Christmas Traditions and Bayberry Cove I recognized that she was by Dee Foust for Bethany Lowe Designs. I just had to have her~ I fell in love with her little ruffled collar and bright glass glitter star. I like that she is really tall~ like 16 inches high! Anyhoo~ when I got
home I found her online~ she is from Dee's 2006 line and she is retired. I am going to display her all summer long out in my dining room!

Speaking of the Dining Room...

We finally got the painting DONE!!!!!
This is a view from early this morning~
I felt like a kid on Christmas morning!!!
I popped out of bed and ran out to see the WONDER that was
waiting for me!!!
I could hardly believe how pretty it looked in the light of day,
we didn't get done till LATE, LATE last night!
(note: blue tape on ceiling and furniture everywhere)
And WOW! I love it!!!!
I am so pleased with the colors
Family Room: Anjou Pear, Dining Room: Vintage Map, Trim: Cafe Cream, all by Martha Stewart(of course) and available at Lowes.
The Dining Room was a HUGE job~ we ended up doing 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint, because we took it from Barn Red see here, to this light light aqua-blue.

Now the clean up begins...
Happy Monday OFF Work~ WOO HOO!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Shop Updates and Long Weekend Wishes

I can't believe that it is already Memorial Day Weekend!
I am planning on doing some cleaning and painting this weekend~ and finding some time to get out in the sunshine! Maybe do some garage saleing :)
I wanted to make sure and update my etsy shop~ since I haven't done that in quite awhile. It seemed a little early to be packing it with 4th of July creations~ but it is only like a month away if you think about it-Yikes! LOL!
Also, I will be listing a few new things on
Glitter and Grunge ~ they will be up on June 1st!

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Long weekend with lots of time to share memories of loved ones with your family.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We're Going Green

Dreamy Colors...

But First...

I must share my magazine excitement~I got my new Romantic Homes issue in the mail!
Titled "All American Summer", it is sooo are some of my favorites pics...

I love this shelf liner paper~ and that Starfish! So simple and beachy!

I just love all of these little vignettes, and the mermaids are so great!!!

(~Sorry for the blurry pic~)

On the inside cover I was so thrilled to see that Earth Angels Toys is going to be at Country Living Fair! I am such a fan of this site! The artists are amazing~ and I always feel a twinge of envy when I see their spectacular shopping parties highlighted on the Earth Angels blog or in the pages of CL ~ I want everything!!!

I had to include a photo of this page~ that dresser **drooling** I HEART that dresser!!! And the dog~looks just like a dog we had growing up, Snookie~

So I titled this post "We're going Green" not because I suddenly am going to start a compost pile~ but because~ We are painting our family room GREEN!!!
We spent the weekend going to Lowe's over and over again...I only sent Matthew back to Lowes 3 times for 3 different shades of GREEN paint~(not like gas is 4 dollars a gallon or anything) but he is so awesome and didn't even complain once :) Well...maybe when he was out of my ear shot- but I didn't hear it :) and that's what counts! But at least he got a new friend out of it~he was on a first name basis with the paint mixer guy at Lowes by Saturday night LOL.
All last week we prepped the walls..starting with taking down a border I had put up about 4 years ago. At the time I was really into primitives(notice the dark, blah, grey-tan walls)~But this border had the cutest little shaker houses on it and at the time I was sooo into it, anyhoo- I'm over it now and it had to go. Who knew what a pain in the arse it was gonna be to take down??? I know they say "never say never" but really, truly, honestly- NEVER will I wallpaper anything ever again!!!
It took Matthew about 3 nights working on it for about 3 hours a night to get it all removed!

He really likes it when I take his picture- especially- when he is wearing shorts :)

So we aren't done painting by far~ the house is a complete WRECK~ I think we finally settled on Anjou Pear by Martha Stewart for the family room and I am still planning on putting
Vintage Map (also by Martha) in the dining room, the top pic on this post is my inspiration~ the floor is Anjou Pear and the walls are Vintage Map... more pics to come as progress is made :)

Have a great week!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


This morning I headed out of the house really early~ I had to drive like an hour away to set up an informational table for my job...and had to be at the place by 9AM. I was be-bopping along listening to some NPR when Suddenly out of no where amidst the loads of "For Sale by Owner" signs on the corners were GARAGE SALE signs!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!
I headed down a side street after seeing a familiar sign that said "Vintage Garage Sale".
For those of you who are die-hard garage saler's- you know who you are :) You'll appreciate this- I LOVE this one house by me- they have the BEST garage sales~ this woman puts them on a couple times a summer and I always find the most amazing things- it isn't even really like a garage sale as much as it is like a tag sale~ This woman rocks!!! Her prices are reasonable and she has a variety of old neat things. I crossed my fingers and hoped it was her sign and it totally was- so fun!!!!
Only having $6 cash I was kinda sad but I made out with some great finds!!!
  • "BEST FIND OF THE DAY!!!"A Little Kewpie Doll, I think these are also referred to as "Carnival Dolls"- I LOVE her!!! ONLY $2.50
  • Billie Holiday CD~ I LOVE her too! ONLY $1
  • AMAZING old chipped white paint shabby mirror~ONLY $2

So after setting up the table for my job and running some other errands~ I hit an AMAZING Tag sale~ I found some REAL treasures!!!
  • This beautiful shabby aqua serving tray w/ hand painted roses ONLY 5 cents!!!!
  • An old jelly jar full of OLD buttons ONLY 5 cents!!!!!
I was on a roll!!!!!!

So when I finally got home~ I picked up Matthew and we headed out to hit a couple more sales! I didn't have as much luck this afternoon~as you die-hard garage salers know, you gotta get there early to get the REAL treasures! But I managed to find this ADORABLE kitschy kitty for ONLY 25 cents!!! She is a night lite~ but broken..I'm gonna work on her. It is hard to see in the photo but she has sparkly emerald eyes~ so neat!
I also found a pair of little shadow boxes to craft with for ONLY 50 cents and a new berry sprig wreath at a moving sale for ONLY $1, that is now on my front door :)
Matthew found some 80's hair band CD's~ for $1~ needless to say, he was happy :)

When we got home I played around with some of my new finds and created a new display on my favorite cabinet~ I thought it looked pretty so I snapped a pic. Soon this room will be "Vintage Map" aqua...I can't wait!
Oh yeah, I don't think I have posted a pic of my new aqua feather tree yet either~ I LOVE IT!!

Well~ at the end of the day I have to say~ it was a GREAT kick-off to garage sale season and I am looking forward to MANY MANY more!!!!
Have a GREAT Weekend...

Happy Garage Sale~ing!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Country Living Fair 2008

Photo by Ryan Benyi

Oh my Goodness!!! I am so excited! The Country Living Fair will be September 12, 13, and 14 at the Ohio Historic Village in Columbus, Ohio. I just read it on the CL website!!! Oh~ We are sooo going! We had such a blast last year~ we made a whole weekend out of it and hit LOTS of AMAZING antique stores and barn sales around the area too!!! What a treat! I hardly ever get super- psyched about being an Ohioan but I have to say, Country Living Fair being held here 2 years in a row~ being an Ohioan is pretty cool~ wow, does that sound dorky!! Forgive me, I'm excited :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Roller Skatin' Beauty Queen Tag Sets

Now Available on my Etsy Shop!!!!

We had a pretty typical weekend around here~ I went shopping and crafted~ relaxed. I also found some time to organize my completely-cluttered craft room, but I just keep buying more stuff! This weekend I hit the jackpot at one of my favortie local stores and got a bunch of vintage holiday items to craft with...I wouldn't even dare say this outloud ~ but when I look at all this fun stuff I just can't wait for Christmas time~ but like I said- I won't even go there~ we just made it to Spring here in Ohio!!!
Here's to a great CRAFTY week...