Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall is Finally HERE!

Tags made by Kris Hurst of Blissful Elements

I am so loving this weather! It has been rainy and cold here since Wednesday~perfect! I was really looking forward to going to The Algonquin Mill festival this weekend with Matthew but yesterday the craziest thing happened! I hopped in my van to back it out of the garage so that I could get our giant trash can out(wow, this is not a very glamorous post!) Anyhow, after dragging the trash down, I hopped back in the van and realized that only half of my key was on the key ring!!!! The other half was stuck down in the ignition-thing! The strangest part is~ If I stuck the tiny piece of the key that was still attached to my key ring in the ignition, I could still get it to start~weird! The silver lining was that I did get to spend a few hours crafting while I waited for my mechanic to call me back, and that was fun!
Well, long story even longer, I am still without my beloved van~possibly till Monday! Therefore I doubt I will be going much of anywhere this weekend. Maybe this will force me to give the house a proper cleaning...or I could just sit and make pretty little things with paper and glitter!!! At any rate, I am going to decorate the outside of the house for Halloween and that is really something to look forward to! I will post the pics of my newest creations this weekend and hopefully get around to putting them on etsy! In the mean time, enjoy these beautiful tags made by Kris of Blissfull Elements, they are so neat! I just think she is amazing! Have a great FALL Weekend Everyone!


Sadie Lou said...

Thanks for showing me that blog and those tags! Lovelt artist.

Sadie Lou said...