Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fun Trick or Treat Weekend!

HAPpy HaLloWeEn!!!

Pink "Queen of the Nest" Ornament on Etsy! New!

Tomorrow is our Trick or Treat party! I am having my parents and my brother and sister in law over...and their 4 kids! It is always a fun time...I am really looking forward to it! Today I got my table ready and made up some Halloween treat bags full of goodies for each of the kids. Matthew plans on making a ghost should be "spooky" to say the least..LOL!~I will take pictures for sure!
This weekend also is the Halvorson's Holiday Boutique! This is our first year participating and I gotta tell you..I am loving it! This is a whole new type of show for us, Sandy, the owner of the show, takes your crafts, displays them, and sells them! All I had to do was inventory and price our entries according to the rules of the show. We paid a small entry fee and she takes 10%. I love it! Especially during busy craft show season...a whole weekend at home to ourselves and I am still participating in a craft show, wild! Because this was our first year we sent only a sampling of our crafts: my mom sent her felted knit flower pins and I sent my soldered collage pins and necklaces as well as some of my shadowbox collages. I also had a few Halloween wands to throw in! I can't wait to see how it all turns out! If any of you have ever participated in a show like this, I would love to hear about your experience.
Also, I did make some more "Queen of the Nest" collages and ornaments yesterday! I just got around to listing them on etsy...

Well I'm off to watch more scarey movies with Matthew( I am going to HAVE to sleep with the lights on for a month after this!)

Have a Happy Halloween Weekend!

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Sadie Lou said...

I'm having friends and family over for Halloween too! We have such a fun neighborhood for Trick or Treating!
Have fun!!