Monday, October 22, 2007

Craft Shows Galore!

I can't believe it, but when I got the mail today I received another acceptance letter from a another craft show! I just sent this one in on a whim, I really expected to be much too late to get into the show, I feel so lucky! This one is at a local high school, Jackson High School in Canton, Ohio. I have heard it is a really good show and it is also my sister-in-law's high school Alma mater! It should be really need to get crafting!!!!
Also this Friday is my husband Matthew and my 5 year Wedding Anniversary~ I am really looking forward to surprising him with some fun little things!!! I really wanted to go see The Darjeeling Limited, the new Wes Andersen movie, for our "big night out" but I am almost positive it won't play close to home for a few weeks yet. Don't ya hate that??? We are huge fans of Wes Andersen movies, the Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic~ all must sees! Maybe we will head up to Cleveland to see it, I hear it is playing at the Cedar Lee Theatre. Anyways, if anyone see it that lives in "select cities" let me know what you think...
This weekend I spent some time planning out my ornament swaps, I was very lucky to get Colleen of Frosting and Sparkles as my swap partner in the Deck the Halls ornament swap! I am really looking forward to getting some new ornaments...especially handmade ones! Colleen's creations are so yummy and cute! I can't wait to see what she sends me!
Also, since I am becoming quite addicted to flickr, I have joined the "Pink Christmas" group on is AMAZING, and a complete necessity if you are into PINK and CHRISTMAS...two of my favorite things in life! Anyhow I joined a swap through the Pink Christmas group in which you are put in a pool of 5, so you send and receive 4 pink Christmas ornaments! How fun is that???? So I am really excited about all this swapping! It is always fun to get packages full of pretty, glittery, handmade things in the mail after a long hard day at work! So much crafting little time...
Also I decided to test the waters on etsy and list some of my latest bird collage creations, which I have named "Queen of the nest" collages...they just look so regal with those glitter crowns! You can check them out at:


FrostingsNSparkles said...

Hey Jenelle, I was just thinking about you! I'm thrilled to be your partner too :D Yay us!

I hope your show is a great one, I haven't seen the Pink Christmas group, I'm definatley going to have to check it out


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi! I found your blog through Holiday Jenny's! So glad to find you! I added you as a contact on flickr,too! (I'm Seaside Rose Garden on flickr). Love the cute things you create!

vintage*palette said...

Good Luck Jenelle! Your art is so adorable! You know how much I love it! =o)