Sunday, October 7, 2007

Holiday Crafts

DoN'T yoU JuSt LOvE HeR PaRty HaT???

LoOk At THaT HAir, So ADorAbLe!

So AmAZiNg!

Yesterday was the Dover craft show, we met a lot of really neat people, but it just wasn't our crowd. We didn't do very well and ended up packing it in early. I think I am going to have to seek out new places to do shows. I have been looking at some of the Alternative Craft Shows like Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh and one called the Bazaar Bizarre in Cleveland~a friend told me about.
Anyhoo, I am going to go to some of these this year and see if it something that would be good for us. At any rate, I do love doing the shows! It is alot of fun setting up all of your crafty creations in a booth, seeing it come to life. I think it takes me back to when I used to play "store" with my friend Kelly in my bedroom when I was growing up. I used to put all the neat little things from my bedroom on my bed and mark them with prices-and we would take a basket from the living room and she would come in and act like a customer and I would check her out with a little calculator I had and everything! Wow- that was so fun! I think that is why I like craft shows-it's like having a store for a day or two. That is also why I like etsy so much. I love to look at other crafter's online stores and etsy shops. So many beautiful handmade things all in one place! I am really excited that I started one, but I always want to do craft shows too- I love the people! Yesterday I met two of the sweetest women from The Village Gift Shoppe in Gnadhutten, Ohio. So sweet and I got the most amazing pumpkinhead doll at their booth! It is from artist Joyce Stahl, I have been a fan of her work from pfatt marketplace! And what was even more neat, was that she was there delivering the dolls and I got to meet her! She is so sweet!
Also I met up with an old craft show circuit friend, Laurie, who also makes the most whimsical, fabulous dolls! Her booth was to die for! I picked up this cute little pumpkinhead party girl! I can't wait to see Laurie at the Carrollton HS show! So, as you can see I got some amazing finds! I spent way over what little money I made yesterday-but I am a happy crafter, I got 2 new beautiful dolls and a few new friends, I guess it wasn't that much of a bust after all.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could have told you to stay away from the Dover Ohio Craft Show earlier. The lady who runs it is basically incompetent and very hard to get a long with. I'm sorry to hear it was a bust for you. I can tell from the pictures on your blog you are a wonderful artist. Too bad the management of the Dover Craft Show is so poor.

Good luck in your endeavors.