Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Going to the Country Living Fair was a dream! It was so fun and full of amazing artists and crafters, we had an amazing time! Luckily we got there on Friday afternoon and were able to really shop the CL Fair and take a look around when it wasn't that crowded. On top of all the seller's eye candy, I just loved looking at all the beautiful displays of Fall foliage that were everywhere! I was in awe at some of the amazing booths that were there, I couldn't believe the creativity! All in all it was a wonderful experience, i would go back again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend going if it is ever in your neck of the woods. I took alot of pictures of everything! I wanted to share some of them and also highlight some of the booths that I really, really loved, since some of my favorite crafters and artists from the magazine actually had booths there..it was surreal. So a list of my favorites, in no particular order:
  • Bloomsbury Loft, www.bloomsburyloft.com, This store is AMAzing! This was definitely one of my favorite booths to shop, full of eye candy! Also, I was searching the whole day for something with a "J" on it, and here I found it! A pin made from vintage buttons and a "J" type key. Also, I was able to purchase a tag from one of my favorite bloggers, Kris Hurst of Blissfull Elements(see under My Favorites List). Judith, the shop owner, is amazing and so sweet, she did say that I bought her "J" pin..thanks for giving it up, I promise to wear it with love! Check out her store website!
  • Farmhouse 1807, www.farmhouse1807.com, Rick, is a very talented artist that makes these beautiful houses from found scrap. I was in awe of his display, and was lucky enough to purchase one of his cigar box houses. I fell in love with his work when he was featured in the magazine a year or so ago, and have been checking out his website ever since. I feel very lucky to have my little house, I will display it in our home and look at it every day and smile.
  • Mahar Drygoods, www.mahardrygoods.com, this cute little tent was full of so many bright and colorful whimsies I could hardly stand it! We even got our picture taken in front of the cute tinsel tree!
  • McMaster and Storm, www.mcmasterandstorm.blogspot.com, I am in love with this store and the women who run this are truly inspiring. Their display was BEAUTIFUL! I had to take two pics! I am definitely heading down to Greenville, Ohio to visit their shop!
  • Tickled pink, London, Ohio, This little tent was full of my favorite stuff in the world, pink glitter and collage! Dorothy, the shop owner is a sweet person that has amazing talents! i just loved her pink glitter pine cones and her pink and green collages, so inspiring!
  • The Farm Chicks, www.thefarmchicks.com, I am such a fan of this site, and their booth was really cute. They have been in CL a bunch of times and I just love their style.
I had so much fun hanging out at the Country Living Fair and meeting all of these amazing people. Matthew and I ended up spending the whole weekend in Lebanon, Ohio antiquing on Saturday and then took a little road trip down to Jungle Jim's Foodie market and Turtle Creek Flea Market, before heading home on Sunday. We came home with a mini-van FULL of finds. What a great weekend, I can't wait to do it again!!!!

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Jen said...

All of your favorites are my favorites too except Bloomsbury Loft which I didn't see. It must have been down the aisle that was so packed I couldn't push my way through! I sure wish I had gone on Friday.