Thursday, July 26, 2007

Crafting and Sandwiches

I have had crafting on the brain this week. I have been working on making some paper cones for Halloween. After my nut cup disaster last weekend, I am hoping to have some success with these. Don't you hate that? I made about six cups and was so proud of them when I went to bed after making them. Only to awake in the morning and see that on a couple of them I maybe was a little too generous with the glue and the crepe paper had bled. I was so sad. Luckily on my halloween cups I had more success than with the glue and they still look cute.
So this weekend Matthew and I plan on going to Pittsburgh for the day. I am looking forward to spending time with Matthew, it's his 28th birthday! And of course...Primanti Brothers pannini sandwiches! We have been wanting to go there ever since we saw it highlighted on one of those Food Network "best of..." shows about sandwiches. I will post some new pics of my nut cups and cones asap.

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