Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pittsburgh Weekend...

Last Saturday we got up bright and early and headed up to Pittsburgh. It was a fun, relaxing drive. We spent the day going to Incredibly Strange Video, a great store for Horror and B-movie VHS tapes and DVDs and then went out to explore the city. We spent time over near the university and I happened upon the neatest little store called Watermelon Blues. In fact they were having a sidewalk sale and had a ton of great items for 50% off. I picked up some vintage reproduction Halloween decorations as well as a Wendy Addison shadow box. I was really excited when we found the sale...and I saw glitter! Inside the store is set up so cute and I found some stamps for crafting! The women that were hosting the sale were so kind and offered to put me on their email list. The store has a great selection of Christmas and holiday items and they assured me that their Christmas open house would be worth a drive back to Pittsburgh!
From there we drove downtown to the Strip District where we ate giant overstuffed pittsburg' style sandwiches, topped with coleslaw and fries, right on the sandwich! Oh, they were so good! We attempted to walk to some of the local wholesale food markets that are open to the public there but unfortunately most closed at 5:00PM and we missed out. But, it was alright because by then we were tired and full, ready to go home. It leaves something to look forward for next time!

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