Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Craft Extravaganza

Today during my completely crazy work day I found myself thinking about crafting and junking. This happens to me alot. Some people daydream about the beach or some hollywood hunk, not me. I dream of glitter and collaging and spending Saturday at the local antique mall searching for old hidden treasures. I am drawn to junk like moth to a flame. I can't pass a heaping pile of trash that I don't want to stop and pick up the broken chair falling off of the curb. I automatically envision myself sitting in our garage painting it some neat shabby chic color and then finding the perfect place in our house to give it a new home. That is why we finally had to break down and just buy a minivan, because sometimes the treasures I find are big! Well..on to sleep to dream of more fabulous finds...
I took some pictures of my crafts I created this weekend. I made these more-than-fairy-wands and a Pam Garrison-esque LOVE banner. Leave me a comment...like anyone is reading this.

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