Monday, July 16, 2007

German Glass Glitter has become an obsession of mine...

For my 30th Birthday my husband got me a giant jar of fine silver german glass glitter. This is why I married him, he is amazing! Anyhow, ever since I received this most special gift I have been glittering every craft that I make...I can't stop!
The other thing that I am crazy about right now to craft with is crepe paper! I have been messing around hand-sewing little round-a-bouts and gluing them on all of my collages. Inspired by an article in Somerset Life magazine I have been making Pam Garrison-esque banners. They are great, using vintage wallpapers, old cards, crepe paper rounds, black and white photos...and of course, german glass glitter!
I am preparing to do a show in Medina, Ohio called Art on the Square on Sunday August 12, 2007. This will be our first time doing this type of a show. Ususally I am in high school gymnasiums next to some lady that hotglues premade snowmen to little christmas trees, sprays them with glitter, strings them with multi-colored lights and is selling them like hot cakes! While I sit there with a table full of collages and glittery things that I guess your average person just doesn't seem to know what to do with, but I like them and that is what matters. So I am going to try blogging and see what happens. I really want to post some pictures of my work. I will see if I can figure that out. Until then, please check out my etsy shop and look for Sleepy Hollow Craft Company at craft shows in Northeast Ohio, maybe I could post a schedule of where we are going to be this Fall, I will work on that too!

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