Monday, June 2, 2008

Sex and the City

On Sunday, My mom and I went and saw the SATC movie!!!
It was so amazing!
I am a HUGE SATC fan~ I started
watching during the 5th season when my husband and
I finally got HBO~ and of course I watch the DVD's and TBS reruns endlessly.
I cannot get enough of those gals~ and after 3 LONG years,
I was super excited to hear about the movie coming out.

In fact, I purposely have been flipping channels and not reading favorite celebrity gossip websites to avoid any spoilers, so that I would be totally in awe~ and I was!!!

The movie totally delivered~ the fashion, the friendships~ the LOVE!!! It was sooo good!I didn't realize how I missed Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha..I laughed, I was so good!!I cannot wait to get it on DVD!!!I know I will be going to see it a couple more times in the movie theatre too!!!

Well, for all of you SATC fans out there..let me know what you thought???

And...when is the next one coming out??? I heard "they" are already in talks...yay!!!!


Vintage Tea said...

I love that SATC fever has even reached blogland... everyone's posting about it at the moment!

I've seen the film and LOVED it and due to go again taking mum with me this time!!

Victoria xx

Beth Leintz said...

Ok, you talked me into it- I think it will be a must see when hubby is on a biking trip next week.

(You really didn't have to try very hard to talk me into it!)

Lolly said...

I haven't seen it yet, but am hoping to get out this weekend to see it!! I can't wait!

Laura said...

I loved it too!!!


when Carrie was left at the alter and she doubled over as if in great physical pain.....that took my breath away...I want to see the whole movie again just for that part.

Sex and the City always does that to me....i will be watching and something will happen and I can't breathe out of nervousness or I am laughing so hard that my stomach hurts.

I am so lucky that I have all the seasons on DVD!