Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthday Girls,Technology and Introducing Eleanor

So today I have turned 31.
So, happy birthday to me. Happy odd-number, rainy, Sunday Birthday to me.

Not as eventful as 30~ not as fun as 20~ but not nearly as kick-ass as 40 is gonna be!

And my husband totally went all-out as he should...
so let me introduce you to Eleanor...

I am in love with her! Isn't she AMAZING and PERFECT in
every way and more??? I think so.
She is a custom made doll by Kathy Grimm of
Olde Cape Primitives
(absolutely a must visit blog and shop)

Matthew got to choose her name, colors, and what her ribbon said.
I am so touched. he is perfect.

Such pretty blue eyes.

Now on to more Birthday fabulousness...
my mom gave me some AMAZing gifts too, I am so spoiled!
First she got me this pretty wool necklace ...I love it!!!
and then I was so SURPRISED when I opened this...I have wanted one since Christmas
when I got Matthew his...a Sansa MP3 player...I love it! I spent all last night
and this morning loading it full of all of my favorite CD's~ Tori Amos, The Cure, Le Tigre,
Dixie Chicks, Etta James, Goldfrapp, Joni Mitchell, Julie London, Neil Young...I am in heaven!
I also ordered a pink cover for it~ so fun!!!

and last but not least..I finally got a new CAMERA~ YAY!!!! Now
I will be able to take really great pics for here and there and everywhere...
We just have to do one thing before I can make this happen...break down and get a new computer..Best Buy here we come!

What a happy, happy, happy Birthday for me.

Have a happy week!


LiLi M. said...

Happy birthday Jenelle!!
xoxo LiLi

LiLi M. said...
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Sadie Lou said...

Fun Fun Fun!!
Happy Birthday to you! We are close to the same age and our birthdays are about 1 month apart! I love your doll--I'm off to check out the link...
~Sadie Lou

http:/ said...

Happy Birthday Jenelle
I'm sending you a collage I made in your email. Hope you have many, many more. Mine is coming up too :) Summer birthdays are always fun!

Kaf said...

Happy Birthday, Jenelle!!
So glad you LOVE your doll!
You have a very sweet hubby! :)
Best Wishes to you both!

Vintage Tea said...

Happy Birthday - sorry im a bit late!


vintagepaletteart said...

I am soooooooo jealous Jenelle! A Kaf dollie is on my wish list too! I know your hubby is a sweetheart after seeing him help you with the Dover show!

Happy belated birthday to you!