Monday, May 26, 2008


How are you celebrating Memorial Day???
Usually my husband and I go to our local FAVE flea Market, Hartville Flea Market.
This weekend is their big KICK-OFF weekend and people line up to
get in starting like at 4 AM~ it's a zoo!! So much FUN!!!
But this year~ we are just staying at home and working on the house.

I freeked out with lucky-ness when I found this "Liberty and Her Stars" figure at
The Pine Cone Gift Shoppe, Hartville, Ohio.
I was doing some retail therapy after a LONG day at work.
The shop keeper didn't know much about her~ but from my zillion of hours looking at
Christmas Traditions and Bayberry Cove I recognized that she was by Dee Foust for Bethany Lowe Designs. I just had to have her~ I fell in love with her little ruffled collar and bright glass glitter star. I like that she is really tall~ like 16 inches high! Anyhoo~ when I got
home I found her online~ she is from Dee's 2006 line and she is retired. I am going to display her all summer long out in my dining room!

Speaking of the Dining Room...

We finally got the painting DONE!!!!!
This is a view from early this morning~
I felt like a kid on Christmas morning!!!
I popped out of bed and ran out to see the WONDER that was
waiting for me!!!
I could hardly believe how pretty it looked in the light of day,
we didn't get done till LATE, LATE last night!
(note: blue tape on ceiling and furniture everywhere)
And WOW! I love it!!!!
I am so pleased with the colors
Family Room: Anjou Pear, Dining Room: Vintage Map, Trim: Cafe Cream, all by Martha Stewart(of course) and available at Lowes.
The Dining Room was a HUGE job~ we ended up doing 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint, because we took it from Barn Red see here, to this light light aqua-blue.

Now the clean up begins...
Happy Monday OFF Work~ WOO HOO!!


Lorrie said...

Your new paint looks great - blue is my favourite colour! I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day working on your house.

Just to clarify - I wrote an article for Romantic Homes, my home was not featured. But it was lots of fun to do and I hope to write for them again.

Thanks for visiting and entering my giveaway. Just a few more days...


Sandy said...

Awww your blog is so sweet too! Happy Memorial day! Don't you love it when you score a great find at a Market! Have a great week!


Lori said...

LOVE your figurine!!! she is adorable...your paint job looks FANTASTIC!!! the color is out of this world gorgeous!!! i am glad you skipped Hartville...LOL...i always have bad luck there and Miss Karen at a second~hand rose just made a major pretties score there that turned me green:) and if you had found a bunch of goodies too...well...that would have surely pushed me over the edge!!! LOL!!!

Tina said...

Yummy room colors!!! And that BL find is awesome!!! Love the ruffle around the neck on that cutie too!! I'm soo jelly..

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Love your new colors!! Very sherbert like...Yummy!!

We went to Rodger's Fleamarket today.....I'm a junker too!! LOVE it!! LOL!!

Happy decorating!!

Melissa Valeriote said...

Lucky girl! Great Dee Foust find. Don't you just love when these gems come our way? Thanks for stopping by and best of luck with your delightful pieces in your G+G shop.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

There's nothing like a fresh coat or two of paint to give you the feeling of instant gratification! I believe you may have inspired me!
Thanks for visiting me again; blessings

Anonymous said...

That shade of green always reminds me of matches your eyes and the cute little table that you had painted in your first apartment in Kent. I miss you and hope to catch up with you's been too long!!!!!!!
Love ya!!!!

~*~*~Melissa~*~*~ said...

That color grren always reminds me of matches your eyes and the color of that cute little coffee table that you had in your fist apartment in Kent. Hopefully we can catch up's been toooo long!!!! Hope all is well!!!
Love ya!!!
-Fabby :)