Sunday, June 8, 2008

What a Doll!

Probably like alot of you crafty bloggers or crafty blog enthusiasts out there,
I read a ton of blogs faithfully~ checking in on them once or twice a week.
I always get so excited when my favorite bloggers do giveaways~ I always leave a comment
in hopes that I will win~ and I never do...until now!
Two wins in ONE month~ YAY!
First I heard from Laura Bray of, a designer that specializes in the cutest note card sets with her original beautiful designs, collages, and more. Also, for you crafty bloggers out there- sign up for her AMAZING free
newsletter, The Well Fed Artist, which features business and marketing tips for artists.
She has a lot of good advice and she has a ton of wisdom to share.
Also, Laura is a fellow Glitter and Grunge artist~ which is very fun!
Thanks Laura, I LOVE the note card set so much!!!!

My second BIG win is from Beth Leintz of Gathering Dust~ one of my FAVORITE bloggers!!
She had a giveaway in which she featured this sweet PINK antique sewing basket on her blog and then promised to fill it up with vintage-style goodies for the winner~ and boy oh boy, do I feel spoiled!!!! Beth is one of my favorite crafty artists~ her etsy shop is always full of imaginative wonders~ and this giveaway was over-the-top!!!
I cherish it all!
Thank You Beth!!!!

All in all, this week was sort of crazy, I had a ton of icky doctors appointments! and all kinds
of things that aren't- so- fun going on~ so I decided to do a little retail therapy to help me cope~ I swung by the Wagonwheel Gift Shop in Medina, Ohio on my way home from work on Friday~and scored some sweet Nicol Sayre finds!!! The Wagonwheel is such an AMAZING store~for any of you in Northeast Ohio it is a must visit! It is located in Medina right off of Rt.18.
She carries loads of collectibles lines and has a HUGE selection-She just doesn't have one item from the Nicol Sayre winter line, she carries the whole line~I love that! lots to choose from~ which is kinda dangerous, but her prices are super-reasonable. The store is packed from ceiling to floor!! Eye candy overload :)
And one of my favorite things about it is that she has
Christmas and HALLOWEEN lines out all year long~ for someone like me that is so holiday-minded in my decor(I know I have shared I have Santas and witches out all year-round peacefully living together) it is the best!!!!

Well here's to Winning, Retail Therapy and a Great Week!
Happy Crafting!


Lori said...

oh so YOU won Beth's basket huh? you lucky duck...i wanted that BADLY!!!

i will definitely check out that store...i love what you found there:)

ps: i am having a little giveaway right now myself...stop over!!!

Heidi ( said...

Lucky you! You rec'd some great things from your wins! How fun to get to hold (& buy) the Nicole Sayre art pieces! Sounds like a fantastic shop!

Beth Leintz said...

Oh my gosh- you're going to give me a big head with all your flattery. Hope you have fun making and playing!

Love the pictures of Nicole Sayre's work!

McMaster & Storm said...

We're just stopping in to say hello!
Fun to catch up on blogs. We'll see you at CL fair. Hope all is well!
Kara & Darcy