Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday night I finally got a spark of craftiness and went to work~ I had gotten these old crates and drawers at the flea market last weekend and had envisioned something like the pic above when i got em'. I first painted the crate pink~ this crate had the middle shelf in it- it was supposed to have 2 more shelves which were missing when I bought it~ I think originally this was supposed to be a cassette tape storage crate- which someone had put a picture hanger on the back of to display some collectibles or whatever. I paid $2 for it~ given it's sad state I was thinking that was a bit much at the time but
I could see its potential and had to go for it.
Also, it was this ugly brown stain
and had big deep slots in the sides where the other shelves once were.
How I made it: I started by cleaning it off with paper towels, painting it pink and then let it dry really good. I used ledger paper, sheet music, vintage wallpaper and little ephemera pieces to line it with, I originally was going to Decoupage' it- but decided that was too messy and might be too wet for some of the delicate old paper. So I just used "the Ultimate" craft glue, it was so much fun! I was excited to use some of my "favorite" paper for this project. I actually save favorite pieces of paper and use them only on "special" projects.
I am really in love with the finished product. I also did the drawer I got too~
you'll see later in this post :)

I love these little "Charlotte" dolls~ I saw that Lori from Faerie Window was using them in some AMAZING new creations for her etsy shop~ and so when I saw this little cutie at the antique mall last week I just had to grab her and bring her home~ I LOVE her pink and green coat~ I wish I had this outfit for myself.LOL. She is so sweet!!!

In my last post I wrote about the peonies that my BFF, Lisette, had brought me and I had forgotten that I did take a picture. When I started uploading my new pics I discovered them much to my surprise. Aren't they lovely?

Suzy Homemaker~ NOT!

Saturday morning my husband and I went to some garage sales around town~ and my favorite garage sale girl(blogged about here) was having a "Vintage Garage Sale"- I got some sweet finds!! My husband spotted this vintage "Suzy Homemaker" toy stove and told me he was going to buy this for me~ I think he thought it would be funny because in my car hanging from the rear view mirror I have a little altered art key chain with a retro housewife pic that reads " Suzy Homemaker-NOT!!!!"
I adore it and it has found the perfect home in our kitchen. The green is so fabulous and I LOVE the little silhouette of the girl next to the Suzy Homemaker label. It goes so well with our retro kitschy- kitchen theme. I haven't plugged it in to see if it actually works but I saw that it has a bulb in it and everything. We'll see...

This was another garage sale find from Saturday. I always salivate over the AMAZING retro cookie jars that they have at one of our favorite antique malls. This one display features an entire shelf of them!!! This cutie I got for only $10- it was marked $15, but all I had was $10 left after our long day of garage saleing- so I asked and the girl accepted my offer! What a score :)
I was looking online to see if I could get any information about it but haven't found anything. On the inside of the bottom part it has a little crown stamp, anyone have any ideas???
The girl who was selling it said that it has been in her family for three generations and that she has a picture of her great grandmother with it. She was reluctant to part with it but said that she wasn't using it and that she just had it in a box in the basement- can you imagine??? I think she felt a little better about parting with it after she saw my love for it and I assured her I would cherish it always :)

This little lady, she is a chalk ware figure from the 40's~ these were given as prizes at fairs and carnivals for games, my husband got for me last weekend!!! I LOVE her! I have been eye-ing her for months and months at my favorite antique mall but because she was kinda expensive I never got her~ then last weekend we headed over there and when I didn't come up with anything to buy and my husband had an arm full of old pulp books and records~ he must have felt bad that I didn't see anything that my heart desired. I headed out to start the air conditioning in the car and when he came out he handed her to me :) I was of course gushing~ he is theeee best!
So~ now I have her displayed on the sideboard in the dining room! but soon her new home will be here...

This is the other drawer that I decorated (like the 1st pic). I saw this old drawer at one of the antique stores we went to last weekend and I just loved the chipped up white paint on the top and the retro 50's drawer pull. It was $10~ which was really steep for me~ I mean it was super dirty~ with dead bugs in the corners!!!!- but I LOVED the paint and the shape- I could just see it as the neatest little "house" for my new carnival prize girl. So I got it ~and threw out the dead bugs in the parking lot of the antique store!!!

It feels so good to get back in the crafty mood. I am going to take sometime for myself for the next few weeks to a month and just craft for myself for awhile. Just kind of re-group and go wild with creativity again. I have temporarily closed my etsy shop but I promise I will open it back up really soon and fill it with AMAZING goodies!!!
Craft on!


Lori said...

hey!!! thanks for the mention, that was very nice of you:) i LOVE those boxes you covered, they look so beautiful and well thought out, i really like the papers you used and the little extras to embellish, very very fabulous work indeed!!! your little dolly is cute as can be:)

Kim's Treasures said...

Love your "Suzy Homemaker" stove and your shelf and drawer turned out so pretty!

Happy treasure hunting! I haven't had any luck lately but looks like you have!


Beth Leintz said...

LOVE what you did with those crates and drawers- I have some in the basement that I was close to throwing out, but you've given me hope!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

adorable pics!so cute!! xoxo Britt :-)

Sandy said...

I love your finds and your altered box display. It's great when your creativity comes back! How sweet that your husband picked something up for you!


Holly Loves Art said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I LOVE yours. Love what you've done to the drawer. So crafty and fabulous! I have two very heavy weird little end tables with skinny drawers that I've been dying to redo somehow - they are so slick so I'm not sure how well anything would adhere. Thinking... thinking...

Oh and I read about The Cure below. How fun! Love them too.

Take care,


Jean Knee said...

love the drawes and shelf

Couture de Papier said...

Wow! What a transformation!Pretty treasures and blog too!
Denise Nantasket beach Mass.

Cami said...

Super fabulous finds. Esp. the cookie jar. It's an oldie! Love your embellishment work too. Very jazzy. And re: that stool I read about on Beth's blog: have you sprayed it down w/ Febreeze? That usually works and if that fails put it in a giant trash bag w/ fabric softeners. It's never failed for me. Okay, book over! Have a fab day and adore your blog!