Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not Feelin' It

Lately, I haven't been feelin' so crafty~ every weekend I plan on making something fabulous and then I just get sucked into the weekend void and I do nothing. I confess, I am a lazy summer crafter~ happens to me every year.
Re-decorating cabinets, since I changed everything after we painted-is fulfilling my crafty urges. But as far as actually making some new things- my craft table has gotten much action lately.
I am really really enjoying flea markets and garage sales, I have found some AMAZING finds- but just have been too lazy to take pics. It's a problem- usually I don't get this lazy till mid-July or so. Any suggestions for staying motivated???
Tonight I surprised my husband with Cure tickets, he has been a fan since high school and has never gotten a chance to see them~ I just found out they were coming on Monday and hurried up and called for the tickets~ he is so so excited. He is always going to my things~ Country Living Fair, endless garage sales and flea markets carrying any old- chipped- up- paint-thing that I just have to have and he never ever complains~ in fact he is the most fun to do this stuff with~ I just want to do something that he would get alot of joy from- and I have to admit I kinda love all those sad love songs too.
***The concert was AMAZING!!! We had the best seats and they played for 3 1/2 hours~ I am now a TRUE Cure fan and my husband was ecstatic!!!***

So when I am sucked into the couch-not crafting- we have been watching this AWESOME DVD that we picked up at Best Buy-it is so much fun!!!!
Tons of 70's screen queens~ great summer drive-in classics.I recommend it if you are into old campy movies.

Thought I would throw in this pretty picture of peonies. My BFF Lisette brought me in a gorgeous bouquet of them from her yard. I just adore them!!! This isn't actually them- again- I am lazy, and haven't taken any pics, but you get the idea.

Thank You Lisette!!!

And last but not least, I have to share my absolute most favorite summer thing that is bringing me endless joy- these Maryjane style Crocs!!! they are too cute and super-comfortable~!!! Great to wear for a long day at the flea market! I got mine at for a steal, only $29.95! I can't remember the last time I paid only $30 for a pair of shoes!!! I got my first pair in black...I think my next pair is going to be the hot pink ones~ too cute!

Have a fun lazy week!!!
make something crafty for me...


Lori said...

oh golly, i feel that way ALL the time...i am busy working away right now though {doll theaters!!!} the flowers from your friend was very sweet and those crocs are adorable!!!
have fun at the concert...i requested the weekend off for the country living would be fun to see you there!!!

Laura said...

I am of to work this morning, but I have to tell you that those Crocs are excellent! I have the old pair, but I love, love, love them!!!!!