Thursday, April 3, 2008

To Blythe or not to Blythe...that is the question.

Blythe Crazy!
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Lately I have been obsessing about these little beauties! I am so fond of the flickr groups devoted to these wide-eyed gals...their lucky owners are so creative! I really really want one!!!!I sound like I am sitting in the front of my mom's shopping cart at Gold Circle~Geesh! It would be a whole new way to spend money that I don't have! A brand new hobby~ I want one so bad but feel so much guilt about being thirty years old and wanting a doll~ on the other hand it isn't just a doll~ it could be another outlet for my creativity..hmmm...maybe I could justify that ~ at any rate this is a tough decision. Till I make it~ I am going to keep living vicariously through all of the artsy ladies' Blythe photos on flickr. Enjoy!

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Lori said...

gold circle? i'm screaming:) there's a blast from the are right about the Blythe dolls, i see them everywhere and etsy is just loaded with gals selling little outfits for them...lots of big girls have included...i don't have a Blythe though...treat yourself if you really want one!!!