Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Delight

Check out the hot pink camel!!! The retro lady disc is actually a little mirror!
I also love the little cupcake decorations! so fun!

We headed to a bunch of our favorite antique stores and flea markets today...and found some major bargains and good stuff galore! I picked up a ton of crafty things including several sandwich bags full of "stuff"~ I love to buy those bags at flea markets filled with just "stuff" and they are marked for a dollar or two~ you spot a couple neat things..but the real treasures are only revealed after you get them home and spill them out. We love to just sit and go through bags like this and talk about the neat things we find~ this is just a few of the cool little treasures I found today. I also picked up 2 HUGE bags of old jewelry for 50 cents each!!! I am so excited! I spilled it all out into a box lid I had hanging around~ so many sparkly fun pieces!!!

I found a box of these GREAT old note cards at a thrift store today~ I ADORE these!!! Don't you just love her little hat...and that bicycle!!!

This had to be my FAVORITE find of the whole day! I am in love with these little CHarlotte dolls lately and I had such luck finding this one today!!! I am freeking out~ I LOVE her so much!

Also this week one of my bestest friends passed on some SUPER-GREAT things to me that had been her mothers. I treasure these!!!! Look at the graphics on these cards..and those rhinestone buttons~ drool!!!

And as if that wasn't enough...she gave to me a ton of these BEAUTIFUL handkerchiefs that were her moms'. So many pretty ones!!! They were all neatly tucked inside of the most feminine vintage peach satin box~ I feel so lucky to have a sweet friend who thinks of me!!!
Thank You Lisette!

This weekend is going by so fast~ I planned to do so much but instead we decided to go junking...sometimes you need that! Oh Well...I'm off to craft for a couple hours before bed...
By the way I just noticed that this is my 99th post~ Geesh! I am going to have to whip something up for an AMAZING mind is already going a million miles per minute...this is gonna be fun...check back soon!!!! Craft On!


Lori said...

oooh, i love your sweet dolly! she is a cutie...and what wonderful gifts your friend gave to you, how very sweet!!!

Heidi ( said...

Wow,you were given some wonderful items! I love the cards and the hankies!

faerie enchantment said...

I love these items, especially the Charlotte doll!

The Apron Queen said...

What an amazing collection of hankies. I'm impressed! My vintage hanky apron show & tell is up. Do stop by. I'll even fix you a plate of my Just Peachy Cobbler. :D

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