Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hello Dolly!

On Wednesday I was feeling kind of headachey and bad so I took the long way home from work to least the sun was FINALLY out~ so I drove through a kind of unexplored area for me and low and behold~ I found a new place to shop~ I love that! This little antique store I found is so cute~ and as I rounded the first booth this little beauty caught my eye! I was so taken with her, she just had to be mine! So for a bargain price and 20% off for being a brand new customer- I was on my way home ~smiling all the way.

I just had to post this pic~ as she(I haven't named her me think of a good one!!!) was having her first photo shoot~our cat Chester took an interest and just had to get in the action!

Also~ LAST but NOT least!!!! I was soooo excited to get my Nicol Sayre Moonlight Witch finally!!! I asked my husband for her months and months ago~ you know~ like before Halloween~ but by the time he tried ordering her for me~ she was on back order. I was so disappointed at the time~ but low and behold one of the shops emailed him that they had gotten new ones in recently~ soooo..better late than never~she has arrived!!! I have put her on my favorite cabinet amongst my Easter bunnies and Spring chicks~ I like being poly-festive!!!! Isn't she just absolutely perfect in every way...sigh...I adore her!

Nicol Sayre is AMAZing!Totally a favorite!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


Lori said...

i LOVE the little dolly that you got at the antique store, she is a beaut!!! the witch is cute too:)

Beth Leintz said...

What a darling dollie- you could "doll" her up to be a cousin to the Nicole Sayre doll!