Monday, March 3, 2008

All Dolled Up!

Spring Kewpie Ornament

Easter Greetings Kewpie Ornament in Blue

Shabby Chic Kewpie Wand

Easter Greetings Kewpie Wand

While searching through blogland these past few weeks, I have been noticing how cute and clever some of the banners for my favorite blogs are. In the name of Spring cleaning~ I started experimenting with some new ideas for banners myself and after several attempts I fell in love with this Kewpie doll. So much so that I not only incorporated her into my banner but also my crafting this weekend! She is just so darn cute! I have always LOVED Kewpie dolls~ I admire them in the little glass cases at the antique stores all the time and now I feel like I have one of my own! I have added these new "dolls" to my etsy shop in hopes of bringing in some "Spring" cuteness around here!!!
Have a GREAT week!


M&Co said...

hihi soooorrry!! Not quite sure what to do, as I've sent the swap details 5 times by now, but everytime Hotmail returns it to me as spam...I'm trying again, but please let me know if you have not received it within 15 min or so oki?

Lori said...

how cute these girls are!!! and i LOVE you new banner!!! sweetness!!!

Bristol said...

oh awesome, i love them.