Friday, February 29, 2008

Pretty Little Things

I saw this little bluebird one cold snowy night while visiting some of my favorite blogs and I just had to grab him up~ he is all of my favorite things: light blue, wearing a party hat, and glittery! He is all handmade by Jenny over at Polka Dot Pixie! She is so talented, go over and see some of her Spring Bunnies!

This beautiful collage I just fell in LOVE with while looking at Karla's blog, The Faerie Window, a couple weeks ago. She had a photo of this romantic collage on her blog and I wrote to her and she agreed to make one for me, but after a few craft store misses, she was so sweet to send me the original~ thank you Karla! I will cherish it forever!!!

I am anxiously awaiting~ well maybe nagging a bit too~ my husband to paint our dining room and family room. We are waiting for Spring so that we can open the windows and have better lighting. So in the meantime I am using my time wisely by purchasing new lovely things for the walls! I was so taken with these charming prints from Dollface Designs on etsy. I just had to order them! They arrived with the cutest little labels and stickers~ It was a joy to get in the mail! Check out DollFace Designs here!

Last but not least, I found this cute little apothecary jar for $1 at the thrift store! I thought it had so many uses~ the first being~ holding yummy robin's egg candies for Easter!

I have been so busy lately on the weekends and haven't had a lot of time to craft, so I have been getting out all of my creative energy by shopping for special treasures online~ sometimes a new little pretty somethin' somethin' just sparks new thoughts and inspires me in my creations...and it is so fun!
Have a great weekend!


Lori said...

Karla is my last name:) that's ok, happens all the glad that you like your collage...i have two things from Jenny and i just love her work, the birdie is SO cute...and i adore the creations from dollface designs!!!

dollface design said...

oh, i'm so happy you like your prints!!! that makes me ridiculously happy to hear, yay! ♥ and thank you so much for showing them on your sweet & lovely blog, i appreciate it to bits!!! have an amazing weekend full of creativity and relaxation! :D

FrostingsNSparkles said...

You lucky lucky ducky!! Jenny's bluebird is amazing and wonderful, and Lori has to be the sweetest person in blogland, her creations are so awesome!!

BallerinaGurl said...

Hi there! You know I just ADORE that bird card!!! Can more be obtained? I love it!!

I also made the apothecary jars with eggs in them. We have several boutiques here that carry them with soap. So clever....I made mine from LARGE jars with a ribbon on much fun. I don't eat sugar so the candy idea would be bad for me...too tempting, but YUM just the same!