Sunday, September 2, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Craft Bonanza!

Okay, so I am very happy with myself. I made this long, long to-do list well over two weekends ago and I finally crossed my last thing off today! Yes! I am such a crafting geek, I make myself lists of things that I want to try and also keep track of my projects-in- progress, since I have the attention span of a toddler when it comes to crafting. I am always trying new things and when I see things in Somerset or Country Living I go out and collect everything to make it and then the stuff just sits in my ever-growing clutter pile in my craft room.So this weekend I started an inventory and started finishing things. It felt so good! And it does help that my husband is awesome and doesn't mind me sitting in there, listening to Christmas music with my solder gun in hand. Yes, I admit, I sometimes listen to Christmas music in the summer and fall and spring-and at Christmas. I am a geek, I told you! Anyhow I wanted to share some of my finished projects with you, so I am going to post some pictures.I worked on some soldered necklaces and pins, tags, painted paper-mache snowmen and some randome other little cute things.
As well, I am very excited about the pumpkin/black cat swap being hosted by hophopjingleboo. I am a huge fan of that site and want everything on it! I am thrilled to be a part of this swap!
Also, yesterday before my craft bonanza got kicked off we majorly cleaned the kitchen and dining room, cabinets and all! I, of course, found time to tweek my favorite green cabinet display in between chores. I am really looking forward to filling it up with all of my Halloween treasures! I mean, adding to the ones I keep up all year! I think I am going to make it an all-year Halloween display after this Halloween is over. I just love looking at all that stuff too much to put it away. Check out some amazing Halloween collection displays at hophopjingleboo!

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