Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Diamond Dust Glitter...my new obsession

I was so bummed out on Friday for no reason...I had spent the morning at the Black Squirrel Festival on the beautiful campus of Kent State University, my Alma mater. The sun was shining, it was really windy and despite that I was having a great hair day...so why was I in such a funk? I didn't really know, so after zipping through the Burger King drive thru for a cherry berry icee(a must try-so slushy and sweet) I headed over to my local craft store. There I discovered my new favorite thing...diamond dust glitter. I have read about this product online but hadn't seen it in a store, so when I found it I bought the giant jar and some stuff to glitter and headed home, already feeling better about things. I started with modge podge and then coated all of my snowmen ornaments with the glitter..I was in heaven! Sticking my spoon in the jar heaping mounds of the beautiful glittery shimmery flakes over the cute little snowmen faces! I just love it! If you are ever in a funk...I highly recommend this therapy...glitter therapy. It's cheap and fun!

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scott said...

So... I'm in a Diamond Dust emergency!!! The retailer in my area that carried it went out of business and I realllllly need it for a project I am working on! I've looked online in hopes to have it overnighted but the place I found has no contact number:( Could you give me the name of the place you bought it so I can call them tomorrow?!!!?