Monday, September 24, 2007

Craft Room makeover

Goal: A place to craft that is inspiring, lovely and has some manageable clutter,because I kind of like a little clutter.
My Craft Rooom Wish List:
  • More Shelves
  • A place to package my etsy orders
  • A place to wrap gifts
  • A place for a computer(this is a pipe dream...but that is what wish lists are for, right?)
  • Get things that aren't related to crafting, like the vacuum cleaner, out of that room!
  • A pretty curtain
  • new paint
  • good lighting
  • pretty things on the walls
  • and...lots and lots of time to spend in there!
If you have any miraculous before and after pics of your own craft room transformation please let me know. I am looking for inspiration! Please leave comments if you have any suggestions...

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