Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Country Living Fair 2007

I am really looking forward to attending the Country Living Fair this year in Morrow, Ohio. The ads in the magazine make it look so fabulous! I can't wait to purchase all of the fun arts and crafts that are featured in the magazine each month! So far I am planning on driving down on Friday and then staying the night on Saturday. What a fun thing to look forward to! Check it out at http://www.countryliving.com/

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jenny holiday said...

So my dear....How was the fair??? Cannot wait to hear all about it! I hope you took lots of pics!! What a super fun way to kick off the fall season!!!!

I am so excited about our swap!! I emailed you the other day, but it is possible that it didn't go through...AOl has been acting insane lately! Let me know! swapping Halloween bits and pieces collages, sounds great....ohh and your Halloween wands and nutcups!! Sooo up my alley!! I am a nutcup maniac!! : )

Talk soon!
xoxo Jenny