Monday, March 24, 2008

So Sweet Jenny

I wanted to share this little photo of a vingnette from Jenny over at Everyday Is a Holiday~ her blog is AMAZING~ truly one of my faves!
I was just tickled to see how she displayed one
of my kewpie wands in her Easter decorations!
Thank you Jenny~ you are so thoughtful
and it looks so cute!

Let them Eat Cake!

Let Them Eat Cake!

Marie Antoinette Collage
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I loved this movie! Well~ not all that much~ but I adored the music and the costumes~ the dresses, the scenery, the cakes, oh my!!!!
I got to thinking about it this weekend after seeing this beautiful mosaic on flickr~ and it inspried me to make some Marie Antoinette wands for my
etsy shop!
I didn't have as much time to craft this weekend as I would have liked~ Easter festivities took over~ you know how that is...but I was very happy with the few creations I did make~And there's always next weekend!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Blessings

...the "Spring Blessings" available in my etsy shop now~ I am currently updating my shop~ so check back often!!! I think this would be so cute in a little girl's room or on a cottage style, shabby chic shelf~ I love these new chintzy papers I picked up at Hobby Lobby~ I am definitely going to have a make a trip there again to pick up some more~ because I am flying through them!!

And then the Etsy Bunny~I mean~ Easter Bunny~ brought to me some new PRETTY seam binding! I am so addicted to this stuff! I am tying everything up with it around here! It just looks so sweet and precious on cellophane bags or little many possibilities!

And last but NOT least...I got one of my swap packages from the Easter Bunny Chick's Easter Swap~ and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I was so lucky to get Melissa from The Garden of Pink Shadows, one of my very Favorite Blogs, as a swap partner! She spoiled me rotten~ sending me this POLKA DOT gift box(which I love!!!) full of GOODIES~ it was like opening the best Easter basket ever!!! Thank you so much Melissa~ You Rock!

Check out all of the FUN things she sent to me: vintage wall paper, vintage Easter bunny and chick cupcake picks, the most shabby chic little nest~(adorned with a vintage earring of course), a bag full of the sweetest Easter chocolates, and a little retro-yellow metal front porch chair~ which is going to have a permanent place on a favorite shelf of mine in my family room!!! if that wasn't enough~ she made me this beautiful bunny collage~ with the most special vintage embellishments! So neat! Thank You!!!!!!!!!

I am going to put a bunch more pics of the swap up on flickr~ so check it out!

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Crafting with Patton Oswalt

Happy Easter!

Last weekend we went to a couple thrift stores~ I picked up a couple things to paint and re-make into pretty things~ that is once it stops snowing here and I can get out into my garage. Anyhoo~ I found this little set of pink dogs~ I just fell in love with them~ they are so kitschy and cute! I am displaying them on my favorite cabinet among Easter bunnies and chicks right now.

This is a new swap being hosted by Speckled~Egg. I have been meaning to make a journal for myself and when I saw this it was perfect! It seems I hardly ever get around to crafting for myself that much anymore~ besides I always like other crafters items soooo much~ that is the joy of swapping!

And last but Not least~I HEART Patton Oswalt~ he is HILARIOUS! My husband and I bought his new CD last Friday night at Borders. We have listened to it like NON-Stop. My cheeks actually hurt from laughing so much. It is called "Werewolves and Lollipops"~ the name itself is great~ but his act is so smart and funny~it's great. I love listening to it while I craft~ as if crafting isn't fun all by itself??? But crafting with Patton Oswalt is AMAZING!

Well I hope that everyone is enjoying their Easter festivities this weekend. I am going to craft my butt off this weekend, I am bursting with so many fun crafty ideas!!!
Craft On!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Fever!

Last weekend~ in the midst of our own little Blizzard here in Northeast Ohio, I felt I was going a little crazy! As the snow fell, I just couldn't stand it anymore so I decided even if it was going to look like January outside it was going to be Spring inside of our house :) I started my Spring and Easter decorating with a bang~ first in the dining room and then in the family room~ I did buy a very cute Spring wreath with little Easter eggs on it for the front door, but I thought I would cry if I saw it frozen and covered in snow~ so I am holding off on hanging that till the snow completely thaws...maybe by June??? LOL

This is my first little Easter display, I found some AMAZING new bunnies over at TJ Maxx of all places~ I like the way they look added in with some of my own handmade Spring craft delights and some from other crafty artists that I bought on etsy!
As you can see I still haven't been able to put away my pink bells nickle Santa that my husband got me for Christmas~ I just LOVE him, and since he is in pink I think he can stay around through summer.

This is the bottom of the shelf in my family room~I used this flea market find stool to add a little height to the vignette, and topped with a few of my favorite Cody Foster putz houses. The large papermache bunny is from The CountryHouse ~ I picked him at the store in Salsbury, Maryland a couple years ago when we visited Ocean City~ he is actually a candy container too. You can check out their website here, check out their seasonal items~ really cute stuff!!
Next to him, the picture kind of cuts off, but that little bunny I picked up at a garage sale~ I love the chipped paint on him.

This is also a little vignette from my family room shelf~ these are some new little guys that I picked up at a local "never-know-what-you-are-going-to-find"/bargain/grocery store that we have in Northeast Ohio called Marcs. These were so inexpensive and are SO SO So adorable! I feel so lucky to have gotten them~ usually they only have a few of each item there, so you have to go often to find the best stuff~ because it goes quick, I guess it just happened to be my lucky day!!!

I hope that all of you are having fun preparing your homes for Spring and Easter time too!
If you want to see some more pics of my displays, you can check out my flickr site here.

Happy Spring!

Spring Nest Swap hosted by Speckled-Egg

I was so excited to receive my nest from Lolly! She did an amazing job! I just love all of the vintage elements that she used, including the glittery silver bird! She actually "buil" her nest within a little glass bowl, perched on top of an old flowery patterned saucer dish! So cute! It is filled with vintage wall paper scraps, vintage sheet music, baubles of bling and old wooden spools of thread! so shabby chic!!! I adore this nest! I have placed it on my bed side table for a little pretty Spring decoration!
Also, she sent me a ton of other little goodies: Spring themed pot holder and dish towel set, a roll of vintage wall paper and ephemera, a vintage easter chick ornament and a few little robins eggs for crafting, a cute little handmade tag, and a pink foil faux chocolate Easter Bunny! (Unfortunately my pics of these didn't come out~ I am currently working on my camera situation) but please check out her blog for all of the FABULOUS pictures that she took:
Thank you Lolly!!! I truly lucked out getting you as a swap partner!

This is the little nest that I sent to Lolly! I found this little candlestick stand at the craft store and could just picture a little nest perced inside of it! I added some vintage crafty pieces to it and voila~ a Shabby Spring Nest! Alos, let me give a crafty "shout out" to Michelle, my partner from Artsy Mama's Valentines supplies swap~ I used many og the super-cute craty finds taht she sent to me! Thanks Again Michelle!

"Spring Blessings"

For the Spring Nest Swap I sent Lolly this set of tage that I made. I thought they came out Spring-y and vintage themed which is what both Lolly and I love!

Thanks again to the Speckled Egg for hosting this amazing swap!

Monday, March 3, 2008

All Dolled Up!

Spring Kewpie Ornament

Easter Greetings Kewpie Ornament in Blue

Shabby Chic Kewpie Wand

Easter Greetings Kewpie Wand

While searching through blogland these past few weeks, I have been noticing how cute and clever some of the banners for my favorite blogs are. In the name of Spring cleaning~ I started experimenting with some new ideas for banners myself and after several attempts I fell in love with this Kewpie doll. So much so that I not only incorporated her into my banner but also my crafting this weekend! She is just so darn cute! I have always LOVED Kewpie dolls~ I admire them in the little glass cases at the antique stores all the time and now I feel like I have one of my own! I have added these new "dolls" to my etsy shop in hopes of bringing in some "Spring" cuteness around here!!!
Have a GREAT week!