Thursday, August 23, 2007

Medina Craftfest Pictures

I promised some pictures of my crafts and displays at the Medina Craftfest...and I finally have gotten around to posting them! This has been a crazy week, for my fellow Ohioans, you know, it has been raining non-stop! Unfortunately all this rain and a sump-pump on the fritz don't mix and we ended up with a basement full of water the other night. Thank goodness I had put most of our things in Rubbermaid tubs earlier this summer(a project I procrastinated from doing for about a year- but now am so thankful that I made myself leave my craft room one weekend and do!)So thankfully, not too much was ruined.
I am looking forward to spending some time tying up some loose craft ends this weekend. I plan on finishing some ornaments that I started a couple of weeks ago and working on some Halloween projects. i just love Halloween! I was lucky to find some amazing ribbons and trimmings at my craft store a few weeks ago. Can you believe they started putting out Halloween items right after the 4th of July- some people are appalled by this, not me, I secretly love it! I can start planning all of my Fall and Halloween projects early! If it was up to me Halloween would be something that we celebrated all year. I collect Halloween folk art and vintage Halloween pulse picks up just thinking about them(I am obsessed!) Anyhow, please enjoy the pics of the Medina Craftfest and also I am going to put up some pics of the paper cone I made for my mom for her birthday. Also I picked up some delicious homemade jams at this farm stand I pass on my way home from work. Matthew and I are addicted to it! Well, I got some for both my mom and my in-laws to enjoy, and of course I had to cutesy them up, the pic on the tag is an adorable picture of my mom when she was a little girl.
One last thing, thank You again to all who visit my blog and leave such wonderful comments, it makes me so happy! Thank You!

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