Friday, August 17, 2007

Craft Show Success

Last Sunday we had a blast at the Medina Craftfest! Although it was hot, it was a great show. It was very crowded and we had a steady flow of craft enthusiasts at our booth. I was really excited because I sold many of my soldered necklaces and pins and I even sold a magic wand. Also, My mom's stuff went over really well, her felted purses are so beautiful.
I will post some pics of our booth this weekend.
I am unsure if I would do an outside craft show again though. It was a lot of work and the heat was not pleasant. I was really hoping that this show would have some different kinds of art, but literally, the guy in the booth next to us was selling decorated poles with footballs glued to the top with Christmas lights wrapped around them...and of course people were buying them by the carload. That was a bit frustrating. I put so much thought and time into each piece that I make, it isn't about selling bulk crafts for me it is about the process of making it. I like to do it, I guess that is what matters. I did get some lovely comments about my booth and was able to make some connections for two craft shows in the Cleveland area for the Fall. So all in all it was a success for The Sleepy Hollow Craft Company.

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Anonymous said...

I love your stuff! My friend just showed me a bunch of pieces she bought in Medina...the wand and a bunch of ornaments. I know how hard doing shows can be, I tried for a summer once. The football comment says it all!!! But I just wanted to say keep up the awesome contribution to making the world a more beautiful place!!!! I'll try to stop by the Rocky River show. Sincerely, a fellow artist named Lisa