Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pittsburgh Teasures and new crafts...

wanted to post some pics of my finds from Watermelon Blues(the cute party girl stamp!)
Also I was reading Blissfull Elements, a wonderful craft blog by Kris Hurst the other weekend and became very inspired by some pics of crafts on her site.(Check out her blog listed in my favorite places) I recently was lucky enough to have found a tall white feather tree and have been having a ball coming up with ideas for decorating all throughout the year. I was looking over at Kris's etsy shop and fell in love with her ballerina nut cups! I just had to try and make some Halloween nut cups to hang on my tree! Check out the pics, be kind though, they are a first attempt...
I have been spending a lot of time looking at reproduction vintage fabrics over at the repro depot and have fallen in love with some of their kitschy cowgirl patterns, so I made a blue glittery star ornament entitled "happy trails." Believe it or not I got a hand full of those big blue and lime green glittery stars last year at an after-Christmas sale at JoAnn Fabrics for less than a dollar each! I have been staring at them on my craft table for 6 months waiting for them to find their way out of the basket and into my hand where I could make something with them. I do that a lot, I have just learned to get things like that and then I worry about what I will make with it later, I haven't not used anything yet! Well, enjoy the pics and Happy Crafting!

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