Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We're Going Green

Dreamy Colors...

But First...

I must share my magazine excitement~I got my new Romantic Homes issue in the mail!
Titled "All American Summer", it is sooo pretty....here are some of my favorites pics...

I love this shelf liner paper~ and that Starfish! So simple and beachy!

I just love all of these little vignettes, and the mermaids are so great!!!

(~Sorry for the blurry pic~)

On the inside cover I was so thrilled to see that Earth Angels Toys is going to be at Country Living Fair! I am such a fan of this site! The artists are amazing~ and I always feel a twinge of envy when I see their spectacular shopping parties highlighted on the Earth Angels blog or in the pages of CL ~ I want everything!!!

I had to include a photo of this page~ that dresser **drooling** I HEART that dresser!!! And the dog~looks just like a dog we had growing up, Snookie~

So I titled this post "We're going Green" not because I suddenly am going to start a compost pile~ but because~ We are painting our family room GREEN!!!
We spent the weekend going to Lowe's over and over again...I only sent Matthew back to Lowes 3 times for 3 different shades of GREEN paint~(not like gas is 4 dollars a gallon or anything) but he is so awesome and didn't even complain once :) Well...maybe when he was out of my ear shot- but I didn't hear it :) and that's what counts! But at least he got a new friend out of it~he was on a first name basis with the paint mixer guy at Lowes by Saturday night LOL.
All last week we prepped the walls..starting with taking down a border I had put up about 4 years ago. At the time I was really into primitives(notice the dark, blah, grey-tan walls)~But this border had the cutest little shaker houses on it and at the time I was sooo into it, anyhoo- I'm over it now and it had to go. Who knew what a pain in the arse it was gonna be to take down??? I know they say "never say never" but really, truly, honestly- NEVER will I wallpaper anything ever again!!!
It took Matthew about 3 nights working on it for about 3 hours a night to get it all removed!

He really likes it when I take his picture- especially- when he is wearing shorts :)

So we aren't done painting by far~ the house is a complete WRECK~ I think we finally settled on Anjou Pear by Martha Stewart for the family room and I am still planning on putting
Vintage Map (also by Martha) in the dining room, the top pic on this post is my inspiration~ the floor is Anjou Pear and the walls are Vintage Map... more pics to come as progress is made :)

Have a great week!

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Lori said...

i LOVE those colors!!! oh my, i wish i could re~paint!!! PLEASE post again about the country living fair when it is closer to the date so i remember to go, i already told DH about it and now i am extra excited to hear that earth angels toys is going to be there!!!