Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Country Living Fair 2008

Photo by Ryan Benyi

Oh my Goodness!!! I am so excited! The Country Living Fair will be September 12, 13, and 14 at the Ohio Historic Village in Columbus, Ohio. I just read it on the CL website!!! Oh~ We are sooo going! We had such a blast last year~ we made a whole weekend out of it and hit LOTS of AMAZING antique stores and barn sales around the area too!!! What a treat! I hardly ever get super- psyched about being an Ohioan but I have to say, Country Living Fair being held here 2 years in a row~ being an Ohioan is pretty cool~ wow, does that sound dorky!! Forgive me, I'm excited :)


Lori said...

wow!!! maybe i can swing a visit to come down and join in the fun:) thanks for sharing!!!

Lisa B. said...

I think want to come check it out! And I think I might. Thanks for making me aware of it. Have you considered being a vendor?

Tracy M. said...

Oh I would so LOVE to go to that . My mother is from Ohio, she moved out here to Colorado when pregnant with me(45 years ago)and has been home sick ever since. I wish I could take her. Maybe next year.
Have a great time!
Tracy M.