Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gettin' My Craft ON and Mid-week Etsy Shop Update

Queen of Halloween DELUXE Witch Hat Tree Topper

I have been a busy bee today!!! I took the day off from work~ I guess going back
yesterday after the long weekend was just too much of a shock to my system, LOL.
I just wanted to stay home and get my Craft ON! And that is exactly what I did :)
It's nice to take a day all alone and hide away and make FUN things.

Sweet and Sinister Halloween Ornament

I must admit that I have a problem...I am in LOVE with these German China Doll heads!
I FINALLY found an affordable one on ebay~ and I won it!!! Which I don't know when the last time any of you actually wanted to win something on ebay was~ but it is seriously almost impossible unless you have some wicked high-speed computer or something~ those last minute bidders kill me! Anyhoo, I saw this fab little doll head and I just kept bidding~ against five other people(they are hot little items I tell ya!) and I was successful~ how fun is that???
Of course I will share pics of her here when I get her...I can't wait!!!

Halloween Pixie Ornament

I was glancing over at my craft room shelf the other night while holding something I was gluing in place for like ten minutes~ and I spotted this box of nests that I keep around~ I guess you just never know when you are going to make some fairy, bird, or God only knows what~ a "home." So I keep a lot of these nests handy. Eureka!
I got an idea to make Halloween-style nests for these little Halloween pixies!
I think they came out cute!
My pic isn't that great~ but trust me~ there is a lot of glitter going on here :)

Halloween China Doll Head Ornament

See, I told you...obsessed :)

Queen of Halloween
Witch hat Collage
Trick or Treat

I hope everyone has a FABULOUS last couple days to this's almost Friday!!!!


Rosemary said...

Great stuff!!!
Love it all!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Love it all girlie! I keep looking for my package I proably will get monday! I will let you know when I do! I cant wait! hugs


Carol said...

Your German china doll ornaments are just too fabulous! I love them to bits!