Sunday, September 14, 2008

Country Living Fair 2008

We went down to Columbus, Ohio on Friday for the 2008 Country
Living Fair.
It was Phenomenal again this year!!! Bigger and Better!!!!
Even in the POURING down RAIN~ we had a great time!!!!

Here's my AMAZING Matthew chowing on some Grilled corn~ he
deserves a medal for trudging through the rain to many, many booths, carrying all of my
fun finds :)

I thought this was kind of neat~ I loved this booth and the GOLDEN pumpkin is
such a cool idea.

Aren't these so neat???

This year the fair was at The Ohio Historical Society in the Historical Village.
They decorated many of the buildings with the "CL" touch.

And next I wanted to share some pics of my MOST FAVORITE THING THERE!!!
Artist SHOWCASE Tent!!!

A Nicol Sayre ORIGINAL (Gulp!)
and I got to meet her at her tent!!! WOW!!!
She's such a sweetheart!!

Don't you just want to take them ALL Home???

So the Fair was Amazing. We got in line at 9A.M. and they opened the gates at 10A.M. ~the line was so long we couldn't even see the end of it~ and we met the nicest lady who let us share her umbrella. I can't believe everyone loves CL so much that they stood out in the rain for the fair~ just goes to show~ if you build it, they will come.
The highlight for me was of course~ The Earth Angels Toys tent, it was so mind-blowing to see so much artistry and creativity all collected in one tent! And many of the artists were there, which made it even better. I spent at least an hour and a half in there just searching for the perfect finds~ and I think we waited in line that long too. LOL
It was a favorite of many of the fair-goers I think.

We ended up staying till 2 P.M. and then we headed down to Lebanon, Ohio for
some serious antiquing.
We discovered Lebanon, OH last year when we attended the CL Fair
when it was in Mason, Ohio.
We hit all of our favorites: The Broadway Antique Mall, The Shoe Factory Antique Mall(which is going to be on the Sci-Fi show Ghost Hunters!!!), and a favorite little shop there called
William and Mary.
Anyhoo~ I am going to have to get busy taking pics of all of my finds!!!
I did tons of re-decorating yesterday~ so fun!!!
I will take pics soon and share :) So stay tuned :)
And last BUT not least,
Speaking of FINDS...I wanted to share some pictures of my NEWEST and TRULY favorite
EBay find...

Isn't she perfect in EVERY WAY??? I have
wanted one of these little ladies for SO SO Long and I am so happy to
be able to admire her day- in- and- day- out on one of my little shelves in our family room.
She's just beautiful!!!

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Carol said...

Yes indeed your vintage German bisque doll is so precious. I own 5 of these heads but not one is as pretty as yours! Congratulations!!! Lucky you!
Best wishes from Boxwood Cottage in Germany sends you