Saturday, February 9, 2008

Vintage Easter Finds and SUNSHINE

What a beautiful Saturday! Cold and windy~ but the sun is shining! I felt like I couldn't waste it, so we hopped in the van for a ride! Even though our windows were up, the sunshine was coming in and warming us up~ if the trees weren't so bare it almost looked like summer(I was trying hard to convince myself of this).
We took a drive over to one of my favorite neighborhoods~ I think a lot of women have these~ the neighborhood with the neat old houses and all the people do super-cute things to their houses for the holidays~ well, that is this neighborhood- and it has more than a few streets that are old brick-love it! I adore taking drives thru there, eating an icecream cone and oohing and ahhing at the fun holiday decor and front yard vignettes going like 5 mph.
Well, we were driving along and happened upon our county fairgrounds~ which is on the other side of "my favorite neighborhood" where they just happened to be having an antique show this weekend! Of course I pulled right in!!! This was like a finding a buried treasure!!! I got so many fun Easter finds- and it wasn't that expensive~ we only had $12 between the two of us~ we are debit card people- anyhow- I am SOOO Anticipating Spring with Open Arms and this was such a treat~ sunshine, pretty houses, and fun vintage Easter finds!!!

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Sandra King said...

Your items are so cute. I like to collect the vintage or new Easter egg dioramas. Do you make any or know of where I can find them. So difficult to find good ones. Thanks. Sandy