Thursday, December 27, 2007

We went and saw the new Sweeney Todd movie over the long holiday weekend. It is amazing! I highly recommend it! When "Mister T" and Mrs. Lovett go on a vacation to the sea is one of my favorite scenes! Over all, if you don't mind a little gore and ALOT of blood~ coupled with singing, great costumes, beautiful scenery and AMAZING acting~ you'll love it too!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pink Christmas Swap

This is what I sent~ pink polka dot cones filled with candy canes and pink glittered pine cones!
Each one has a snowflake and a banner on the front that reads "Merry Pinkmas"

This ADORable Pink wreath and hand sewn tag were accompanied by a beautiful and YUMMY pink heart cookie-made from the best gingerbread I have ever tasted..seriously, she should enter a contest or something..anyhow~ the cookie was gone before I took the pic, LOL! Thanks Gigi!

This SWeet little ornament was sent to me by Jennifer of
Jennifer has been a huge InspIraTion to me, I love her blog and have been reading it for a long time, I was so psyched to have her as a partner~ I just love this little guy!

Last but not least,I received these super-shabby ornies from Carrie of
I saw these being made one time on a DIY network craft show and I always thought these would be a neat thing to do with pretty cards~and they are! Thank you!

This ornament swap was hosted by Michelle, a member of The Pink Christmas group on Flickr. This was a really neat swap, each person made four other ornaments to send to four people~ all with a pink Christmas theme! I am still waiting on one more ornament...aren't all of these beautiful???

Merry Pinkmas!

Deck the Halls Swap

The Deck the Halls Swap was hosted by Monica of
and I was so lucky to get Colleen of as my partner! She sent me a box FULL of neat things~ handmade and sweet as can be! I will use her gifts while decking the halls around here, every year~ Thank You!

Look how cute everything was wrapped!

This "Joy" banner is now hanging from one of my favorite shelves in the living room. So sparkly and fun!

I couldn't believe this! This snowman is covered in mica flakes and holds a little silver glitter banner that says "wish"~ This guy is now sitting on top of my green cabinet in the dining room.

Aren't these precious? I just want to take a bite! They are now hanging on my Christmas tree~Mmmm...

And last but not least..these were AMAzing!
Thank You so much Colleen!

She also sent me a box of silver star ornaments and some beautiful tinsel~ she really spoiled me! I really lucked out having her as my partner!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Be of Good Cheer

It seems this month has just whizzed by~ and I don't even have my Christmas shopping done! This is SO unlike me! I have been very busy with work, since Dec 1st, there hasn't been one day that I don't have at least 3 presentations to make! That is crazy~and unfortunately my Christmas spirit has suffered.
And I am willing to admit: I didn't make ONE Christmas cookie this year! What is happening??? Also, I haven't even been able to craft~ my craft room is filled with bags of gifts that need wrapped! Thank goodness we have the long weekend before Christmas, I'll have a couple days to work on things and then I'll be able to see the top of my crafting table again...and maybe, just maybe I'll find a little time to glitter something up~ oh that sounds so good! I see the sparkly glitter at the end of the tunnel!