Thursday, December 20, 2007

Be of Good Cheer

It seems this month has just whizzed by~ and I don't even have my Christmas shopping done! This is SO unlike me! I have been very busy with work, since Dec 1st, there hasn't been one day that I don't have at least 3 presentations to make! That is crazy~and unfortunately my Christmas spirit has suffered.
And I am willing to admit: I didn't make ONE Christmas cookie this year! What is happening??? Also, I haven't even been able to craft~ my craft room is filled with bags of gifts that need wrapped! Thank goodness we have the long weekend before Christmas, I'll have a couple days to work on things and then I'll be able to see the top of my crafting table again...and maybe, just maybe I'll find a little time to glitter something up~ oh that sounds so good! I see the sparkly glitter at the end of the tunnel!

1 comment:

Bristol said...

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, relax and enjoy. Things have been crazy busy here as well.
I thought my head was going to explode at work yesterday~
I hope that you have a wonderful holiday!!