Sunday, September 27, 2009

Never too early for Halloween...

I swear we are like little kids around here when it comes to Halloween...and it's not just over the Reece's cups and bite size snickers bars.
My husband and I got the fever to start "Spooky"ing up the house this weekend for the holiday...

Some black and white goodness...

I just love the vintage die-cuts, this one is a reproduction I picked up at a gift shop in Pittsburgh...I just love his wink!
He looks perfect atop this shelf-which I picked up at Country Living Fair a couple
years ago. I added the paper scalloped edging, an idea I "borrowed" from Jenny over at Everyday is a Holiday. This little beauty hangs above our television set-up.
Way prettier than electronics...

And this is my husbands' corner..he is way into blood and gore and old horror movies.
I have kinda "guided" him into not making it too over-the-top.
If he had his way there
would be severed heads, zombie brains,
and scary werewolf masks all over the house this time of year. LOL.
Don't worry, I don't curtail him too much~ after all there is a life-size zombie hanging outside on my front porch LOL.
Dracula bust- has red light-up eyes. We picked this up at the After-Halloween sale at Target last year..awesome.

And last but not least- I picked these pretty jacks' up this year at Ragon House.
I love, love, love them!!!!

More to come...

Happy Halloween!!!!

My Favorite CL Fair Find...

I love Cheryl Kuhn's collages.
This year Cheryl was at the Country Living Fair
with Earth Angels Toys. And I must admit, her work was the reason
why I splurged and bought the early bird tickets!
I literally ran to The Earth Angels tent in search of one of Cheryl's pieces.
(God, I hope no one saw that! lol)
I just adore all of her work, but as I browsed her display this piece just sang to me.
I absolutely adore it, I could picture it sitting on top of these old hat boxes in our living room. And I am enjoying it everyday now, it is lovely.
Also, I got a chance to meet Cheryl again. She is so down-to-earth and we had a nice conversation about junking and crafting.
It's always important to me to not only admire some one's work,
but also actually like the person that has made it.
I believe that when we make something, we leave a little of ourselves with it.
Good karma, Good energy..all that jazz.

Country Living Fair 2009

Last weekend, we headed down to the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus, OH where the annual Country Living Magazine Fair was being held.

This was our third trip to The CL Fair, and boy has it grown!
Not only in vendors, but I think word-of-mouth has spread because it was super packed with ladies on the hunt just like me..hunting for that perfect treasure...

I took pretty pictures along the way of my's some of the sites..enjoy!

As I am a paper lover~
I just adore ephemera..and there was lots to be had...treasures galore!

I just thought this was so sweet.
I see these lanterns at post-summer sales all around
and I never thought to do something like this.
(Kicking myself- think outside of the box! Or in this case fancy lantern candle holder thingy!lol)
Paint it pink, add a sweet porcelain dollie and an old picture-voila! Super sweet.

more pretties...

This year at the CL Fair there was an explosion of french-inspired goodies.
It seems every booth was going for the "french flea market" look...
These bags and pillows~wow!
And maybe it was because I was a show choir geek in high school
(Are you watching Glee? It's amazing!) but I loved these old weird choir angel heads.
The price was a bit out of my league but wow...
I am having a love affair with numbers lately...
everything I gravitate towards has a number on it.
And not even that the number particularly means something.
It's just I love numbers and this shelf was like the
creme De la creme' of numbers...what a neat idea.

and as always vendors at the CL Fair always serve up the best Halloween goodies...seeing all the neat Halloween treats got me so excited that we decorated our house this weekend!
I know, I know it's not even October I one of those people? apparently yes, I am.

After our CL Fair fun we headed down to spend the weekend with our friends Joe and Erin...what a whirlwind fun weekend!
Treasure hunting and good friends...

Here we are, two witchy Big Lots no
See You next Year at the CL Fair!!!!