Sunday, September 27, 2009

Never too early for Halloween...

I swear we are like little kids around here when it comes to Halloween...and it's not just over the Reece's cups and bite size snickers bars.
My husband and I got the fever to start "Spooky"ing up the house this weekend for the holiday...

Some black and white goodness...

I just love the vintage die-cuts, this one is a reproduction I picked up at a gift shop in Pittsburgh...I just love his wink!
He looks perfect atop this shelf-which I picked up at Country Living Fair a couple
years ago. I added the paper scalloped edging, an idea I "borrowed" from Jenny over at Everyday is a Holiday. This little beauty hangs above our television set-up.
Way prettier than electronics...

And this is my husbands' corner..he is way into blood and gore and old horror movies.
I have kinda "guided" him into not making it too over-the-top.
If he had his way there
would be severed heads, zombie brains,
and scary werewolf masks all over the house this time of year. LOL.
Don't worry, I don't curtail him too much~ after all there is a life-size zombie hanging outside on my front porch LOL.
Dracula bust- has red light-up eyes. We picked this up at the After-Halloween sale at Target last year..awesome.

And last but not least- I picked these pretty jacks' up this year at Ragon House.
I love, love, love them!!!!

More to come...

Happy Halloween!!!!


IsabellasCloset said...

Nice post.... yes it's never to early for Halloween :-}
Blessings ~Mary~

Anonymous said...

spooky!!! love it!

Sari said...

where did you get the dracula bust and all those items on your mantle??? like the skeleton holding the candle,etc
im having a halloween wedding and those items are just what im looking for !! can you please email me ,if you can!

Rosemary said...

Great decorations! My favorite!

Linda Q said...

Darling post in all it's spookyness!
Like your blog as well, name is great!
Linda Q