Sunday, July 25, 2010

Antler Girl Hide-A-Way

My obsession with making myself some antlers started off like

most amazing craft ideas..with kind of a crafting itch in the back

of my mind.
I kept seeing all these beautiful ethereal pictures of Antler Girls and I just had to have some for me...BUT I couldn't quite figure out how to

make them amazing and functional.

So after MUCH research, crafting supplies, and just puttin'

some time in...I FINALLY figured it out....

It all began with some INSPIRATioN... was a very helpful resource. I found
so many girls there also struggling on their own
Antler making journey...that is where I read of all the techniques
my fellow Antler-obsessed girls had tried. If you are interested
in making yourself some antlers I highly suggest craftster..

and Voila!

See photo below ....a>

So get started making your own antlers and have fun!!

If you would like any information on how I made my antlers please feel free to comment here.

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