Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Sleepy Hollow Christmas shop Update

I have been a crafting fool since Thursday!!!!
You can't even imagine how much glitter is on my dining room floor and how many emergency runs to the craft store there were...too many to count~ and I must also apologize if any of you that live in Northeast Ohio saw a frantic woman with NO make up on~ but tons of glitter in her hair and paint on her shirt driving like a mad woman trying to make it to Michaels craft store with 5 minutes till closing, LOL!!!!
The saddest thing was~ no one at Michaels even looked at me funny~ they must be used to dealing with our kind.
Anyhoo...I got crazy-crafty for Christmas on Halloween weekend...
I made some fabulousness happen, let me tell ya, I was in serious craft mode!!!!
I made a BUNCH of stuff and my etsy shop is FULL!!!!
So Fun!!!!
I made some "snow globes"...this is an idea that I have been working on for awhile. I am in love with the glass dome look after seeing so many neat apothecary jars and fun Victorian domes in Romantic Homes magazine~ so I played around with the idea for Christmas~ I think they came out super cute. Though~ any of you that have ever tried to take pictures of something with glass, you know it is a pain in the - you know where! I did my best :)

Cottage Style Shabby Chic Aqua WISH Christmas Garland

These garlands were born of necessity~ I am doing a white Christmas tree this year and I want it to be full of romantic, cottage style ornaments and garlands~ so I have been working on some things for our tree, I made some of these garlands and I loved the way they were coming out so I popped some in my etsy shop.

Last year I joined the Pink Christmas group on flickr~ it is full of AMAZING photos of the cutest PINK Christmas crafts and decor!!! I was inspired again this year~ and made a ton of PINK stuff for Christmas~ who says we have to stick with red and green???

Cottage Style Christmas Box w/Putz House and Bottle brush Tree

I have a few of these putz house boxes that I got as a gift from my husband a few years back(I think he got em' at Target) Anyhoo~ I adore them, and I leave them out all year long.
I was lucky to find some of these little houses at Michaels this year and started playing around with them~ they were originally on jute twine~ supposed to be ornaments. I altered them and made them box-toppers. Voila'!
And last but not least....For those of you who TRULY LOVE the HOLIDAYS...
a cross-holiday tree topper
(how fitting that I made THIS on Halloween???LOL)
Cottage Style Christmas Witch Hat Tree Topper

I just love love love stuff that mixes holidays~ like a bunny holding a pumpkin bucket or a Santa dressed for 4th of July!!! Anyhoo! this is my version~ this would look so neat on a feather tree full of vintage ornaments~ I am really tickled with the way it came out.
So besides crafting like a maniac I spent Saturday hitting some local craft shows and picked up some AMAZING things for myself and of course, some Christmas shopping!!!
I can't believe it is already on it's way...and it is going to be here before we know it!!!
My mother- in- law was already asking me what our plans were for Christmas Eve~
so, yeah, it's officially here.


Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Wow, your cottage scenes are adorable! I can hear Christmas music now! Love them all!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

found you through Etsy. Great stuff

Monica said...

Oh what pretties!
I was too late getting to your shop to get a Putz house box , do you plan to make anymore?

Rosemary said...

Very cute!!
You have been busy!

Anonymous said...

ohh i love the christmas hat! so cute and those boxes with houses!!! WANT! and dont worry I swear I think my make up is heldon by glitter! haha its soo bad that hubby has glitter all over him! haha hugs


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Girl, you are amazing! I love all your new creations. The wish garland is my fave! The mental pic of you running into Micheal's like a crazed loon made me laugh hysterically!


p.s. Your new page is lovely!

Sweetina said...

Your new creations are stunning!
After visiting SleepyHollow~I am feeling very Christmasy!
A delightful post!

~dani~ said...

You have been so busy!! I love everything you have done. Such a sweet visual confection each piece is!

cindo said...

Those garlands are adorable! I can't wait until our gift-o-rama party! Email me!

Pam Warden Art said...

It's been SOOOO long since you've posted, are you ok?
Just worried a little about you.