Wednesday, August 20, 2008

All I want For Halloween Is...

I went to Michael's Craft Store the other day~ officially one of my favorite
places to load up on Halloween decor~ and I started my wish list for this year!!!
Check out this AMAZING black glitter chandelier kit by none other than Martha Stewart herself. It looks so neat and fun to make!!!

Next, this honeycomb kit caught my eye(also by Martha)
I just love the vintage cutouts!!!

and of course what would a Halloween wish list be without the treats???
I just think these cupcake stencils are sooo neat!

Also, Michael's carries the Spooky Town village by Lemax that I collect.
They have some Fabulous new pieces for 2008.
I was glad to see they are carrying some more traditional pieces this year to add to my "town."
The last couple Halloween's they have been adding scarier-type pieces, and I see this year they have some kinda-gory haunted wild west themed pieces.
I think they are all super-neat, but those wouldn't really go with my current pieces, and I have a small fortune invested in them at this point.
I originally started collecting this village around 2001, when the pieces were more true to life. My set up consists of a little haunted-but-not-too-scary town with little trick-or-treaters and a fun Halloween house that is hosting a Halloween party.
It is the highlight of my Halloween decor every year!

I just adore this Full Moon Apothecary shop~ it is animated, the witch circles around the top!
Also, it lights up and makes sounds~ too neat-o!

And this would be the creme' De la creme' ! I think this piece is so
cute! All of the characters move and the whole thing lights up and makes sound.
I am going to have to hit the lottery~ that is just all there is to it :)

Happy mid-week...and Halloween wishes!!!!


Vintage Tea said...

Oh those villages are wonderful! I love Halloween but the UK hasn't quite caught up to the holiday.

Victoria x

Enchantments and Giggles said...

I'm with you on Michael's and the Halloween village. I just love it. I just started my collection last year though, so I am way behind you! I have already started putting our Halloween decor in my home. I just can't wait!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Didn't Martha out do herself this year?
I loved all the vintage themed paper and stickers!
I bought four sets of the paper!
I always thought someday I would like to collect the Halloween villages too! I just usually spend so much in the paper crafting section that by the time I make it to the Halloween decor I can't spend anymore! hehe.

vivian said...

HI! I'm right there at Michaels with you! I want it all! I need a halloween fairy god mother! I have so much halloween stuff already.. I really dont need another thing. but.. I'll be getting and making new halloweenies anyways.. because I have too!

Chilihead2 said...

I love Halloween! It's bigger than Christmas at my house. We just bought some repro-vintage pieces at a market. I may just have to hit Michael's today. Those cupcake stencils are awesome.