Monday, January 7, 2008

Fun new stuff!

Pretty Ballerinas!!!

Isn't the packaging so beautiful on this pack of antique ledger paper???

Putting all the Christmas stuff away!!!

Over the holidays I kind of went a little etsy crazy and bought a bunch of stuff that I had been eyeing for awhile. I started with some of those little ballerinas everyone is so crazy about~ I have no plan for them but I really LOVE the way that they look and sooner or later I will come up with something. For now they will be dancing around on the top of my bulletin board in my studio. Next I saw a cute idea where someone lined an old window with antique ledger paper and hung a wreath on the front of it~ and let me tell you~ I have a garage full of old widows, I can't resist them~ I can spot one in a trash pile a mile away! Some of them are so beautiful! So I just had to buy this giant pack of ledger paper from Art-e-ology to make a great display for the bedroom wall~ I bought an antique reproduction light-blue- aqua-ish bottle brush wreath last year that I am going to hang from a satin ribbon over the top of the window~ so pretty!
And of course, I did get some clip art CD's for Easter and Valentine crafting as well as a print from the Black Apple shop for the dining room! I just love her stuff!
My husband and I are getting some minor "house" rearranging done these days. He is re-organizing and I am re-decorating. We are having a great time picking out some new wall colors and carpet~I am really excited about it! I love restyling and making things look fresh and fun with old, rustic pretty elements~ it really makes me feel happy.


Bristol said...

Love that paper, good ideaa for the old window. have a great weekend.

Roxie said...

What a great idea for an old window, I have 3 in my garage and am gonna try this.
I purchased some of those ballerinas awhile back too, not knowing what I was going to do with them. Why we do the things we do. LOL
Love your blog, will be back to visit again.

Sadie Lou said...

I love the Black Apple too! I don't have anything yet because I can't decide--which one did you buy? I like the girl sleeping under a big quilt.
~Sadie Lou