Sunday, November 7, 2010

OddMall and Bazarr Bizarre Craftyness

Kitschy Crafty Houses
I have been a busy, busy girl getting ready to be a vendor at Bazarr Bizarre this December in Cleveland. I am so, so excited!!!!
I have been working on several projects and I felt a little overwhelmed in the beginning-hearing that over 3000 people attended the 2009 show!
How am I ever going to make enough inventory???
I started off by writing ALL my ideas down in a notebook and gathering TONS of supplies.
When it finally came time to fire up my glue gun and get down to business I found myself going back to my crafty comfort zone= paper crafting.
So I spent a morning making some kitschy little houses... And then after feeling a little more confident I moved onto some new things...
Felt Flower Elastic Headbands
These are just some of the crafty goodies I have been working on for the show.
I have been working so hard~almost daily!
So this Saturday I heard of this AMAZING craft fair that was going on
in Hudson, Ohio called OddMall.
We piled in the car early Saturday morning and made the drive-in snow!!!!!
But I live in Northeast Ohio so I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that :)
Odd Mall was so great. It filled me with INSPIRATION and I couldn't wait to get home and get my craft on!
I wanted to share some of my FABULOUS OddMall purchases...
Bluff'n with my Muff'n!

Muff fabulousness...I have been wanting a muff so hard.
And when I stopped by the Fartsy Artsy booth, I fell in love with this muff!
Casey- who has a WONDERFUL etsy shop, was so cute and sweet- I just had to make it mine :)
You can check out her store here:

Other finds I just couldn't live without...
Vintage Steampunk owl hair clip by Barker's Herbs & Heirlooms
Vintage Ruffle Necklace by Autumn's Antics
Smoking Hot Fairy Ornament by Very Merry Fairies

I hear that OddMall is also in the Spring...I can't wait to attend!!!
Also, Come and visit me at Bazaar Bizarre in Cleveland :)
There are actually 2 shows, a West side and an East side show.
I will be vending at the WEST side show, the larger of the 2.
1301 W. 78th Street
Cleveland, Oh 44102
Saturday Dec. 11, 2010 noon-9 pm
Sunday Dec. 12, 2010 noon- 6pm
Craft On!!!!