Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Randoms Acts of Craftiness

Antler Girl Cabinet Cards

Lately I've been feeling so crafty...maybe it's that the days are becoming shorter

by a few minutes here and there or it's all the school supplies at the stores-

but come Fall I always get bitten by the crafty bug. hard.

So I thought I would share some random acts of craftiness that I've been working on...

Mix-n-Match Vintage Elements Pin

Circles and Sequins Delight Pin

I just had to share this FABULOUS find, it's so deer to me ;)
Hot pink kitchy-rific doe lamp.

Urban Outfitters clearance for $9.99!!!

And my love affair with deers continues..a little deer statue I picked up at the flea market- it was pouring down rain so I got it at the pack-up-quick price of only $3!!!

This a a print that was featured in Somerset Studio this month. I just fell in love with it so I had to play with it a bit and give her a home on my wall.

And last BUT not least- this AMAZING old library stand was headed for the trash bin at a local middle school! Can you believe it? I was teaching when I saw a boy lugging it out near the dumpsters and had to have one of the janitors help me retrieve it. The janitor looked a little put-off when I asked him to help with removing it- but that's the thing about being a crafty girl- sometimes we get those looks. When it comes to a great find like this I seriously could have cared less. So I brought it home and cleaned it up- and now look at it!!! I just love adding random little things to it and nearly everyone that comes in our home loves to give it a twirl! So neat-o!

So what craftiness have you been up to?