Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm Still Around...

I liked this outoffocus picture of us best of all.
April 5, 2009.
Many of you sweethearts have written me in the last few months asking if I was okay. And here's the proof! Sorry for being so MIA.
I am alive and doing well. I don't know what happened really~ I never made a conscience decision to stop blogging.
I just sort of got burned-out crafting ...etsy sorta took over my life and I found myself totally unbalanced and not really even enjoying the things I was making~ pouring all my creativity and energy into stuff and not even really feeling good about it.
So I took a break.
And on my self-induced seclusion from all things crafty and etsy. I found myself completely taken over by a new Obsession, Twilight.
As I have read on some other crafty girls' blogs, I know alot of you have found a little slice of heaven in Edward and Bella as well.

My sweet husband and I, in the absence of crafting have found a ton of time to do stuff together. Which is awesome~ missing him was part of the issue. So instead of being holed up in my craft studio all weekend burning myself with my glue gun~ now I spend the weekends doing things with him. And I of course wanted to see Twilight~ and he of course obliged. And then I hungrily read all 4 of the books...Well, and that's all She wrote(well what Stephanie Meyer wrote) lol

I made some new girlfriends also during my time away. And I am even taking a few trips this summer to go and visit with some old girlfriends that I haven't seen in forever.

This time my friends and family has meant the most to me in these past several months. I didn't realize what a hermit I had become. I do enjoy crafting, but at heart, I am a people person. I missed having other people in my life to go out and do things with.

All the glitter, pretty vintage wallpaper and ribbon in the world can't make up for good girlfriends. I am right now in the process of moving my craft studio from upstairs to the basement...I really want the space to make a guest room. I can't believe I am packing away all my most precious craft supplies, but I am doing it with love and care. And extreme organization. I plan on crafting for me, just for me, like the good ol' days once I decide to pick up my gluegun still calls to me everytime I see it.

Anyhow, just thought I would peek my head out of the blog-door and let you know what I have been up to lately...

So just a few recommendations of things that make me smile lately too....

1. Robert Pattinson~ no need for an explanation, just look.

2. Ray LaMontagne's music....

3. and a local Kent, Ohio girl~ with the voice of an angel...alt-country heaven.

Jessica Lea Mayfield

So, that's it for now.

Oh and for all of you that commented forever-ago on my New Kids on the Block post~ my friend Kelly are going to see them YET AGAIN on June 23d...I'm so freekin' excited!!!!

Catch you on the Flipside....